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Monday, June 22, 2009

Moose Crossing Cafe

Tonight we tried the Moose Crossing Cafe. It's a little place that we have driven past quite a few times but never took the opportunity to try. It had our attention though because the sign outside reads, "Homestyle Favorites." We were surprised at how many people there were eating at the tiny place when we arrived, and were happy that we did not arrive to late to be served. They close at 7 PM.

It was a fun place to try as it had a bit of a Pacific Northwest flair. Really is kinda cute.  Decorated with all kinds of moose paraphernalia, and hunting and fishing themes, Geo liked it.  His favorite was the Moose Drool Beer Ads that were around.  Being Hungarian, he was surprised to even find something Hungarian in the restaurant, and this on the wall in front of him at our table! It was a picture of hunters hunting a picture of Hungarian pheasant!

As I mentioned, we have driven past this restaurant a few times and have seen them advertise different items from time to time. We kinda wondered if they were the kind of restaurant that made just one thing for dinner at a time.

Geo and I have often talked about a restaurant that would operate like this. Like your mom's kitchen, one night such a restaurant would serve only spaghetti and meatballs, the next it would be stuffed cabbage, and the next, maybe fish and chips... that kinda thing. (The idea would be that you, the customer, would basically eat whatever "mama' happened to be cooking for dinner that night.) We thought this might be like that, but it's not. There are plenty of items to choose from on the menu in addition to the daily home style specials that they advertise.

Tonight's special was meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy. It was served with a veggie side dish of corn, red bell peppers and onions, some delicious home made ( I presume) corn bread, our choice of soup or salad, (we both chose salad) and a cute little jello jiggler that was cut into the shape of a moose head. This made us chuckle. It was kinda like "mom's;"  who else but "mom" would serve you a strawberry flavored jello jiggler in the shape of a moose?

Oh yeah... this is the great northwest for sure!  Got to love it!

As I sat at my computer tonight, I discovered that this little cafe has it's own website where you can check out their menu and the prices, even see photos of the happy patrons who frequent here to dine. It is

Moose Crossing Cafe on Urbanspoon

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