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Thursday, July 23, 2009



I love Thai food and I think that
this place is growing to be one of our favorites for Thai Food.

It had to be oriental tonight and it was a toss up between Ming Wah and "someplace for Thai." (It had not yet been determined!) MingWah however, was closed for vacation when we arrived, so we went to one place I had wanted to try a few eats ago, but didn't. The funny thing was that I was pleasantly surprised when drove up to it.

I knew I have been there before when I saw it, but before that, I had completely forgotten, and this even though it was already on my blog's restaurant list. When recently I had heard someone say that Linnie's the best Thai restaurant in Spokane, I told Geo we should try it sometime, and he said we had already been there. For whatever reason I could not place it at all. Now I remember it well and I know where it is too, 3rd Avenue and Adams. (1301 W 3rd Ave) also, I have purposed myself to not soon forget, and to return often.

Not only is the food absolutely delicious, but the service is great too. In fact, there is one person who works there that is just a lot of fun every time we are there. Even the cooks are friendly.

We, Beth, Geo and myself, ordered spring rolls as appetizer, a curry, (Gaeng Mussamun Gai,) noodles, (Pad Thai... with Chicken) and our favorite, coconut milk soup, (Thomb Kha Gai.) The three of us eating had quite a little feast! The also bring rice to the table to go with the dinners and it comes in a very cool goblet.

I am still learning to interpret the menu though.

As for the menu....
One thing I really enjoy is saying the names of the various menu items. I kinda thought it would be interesting to send someone a text message with some Thai words on it and see if they could figure out what it was...
for example:

Thomb Yum Goong Gai Pahd Kapao Pra Rum Long Song Nuea Thord Krathiam Prik Thai

Kinda fun to say in English. Well, i had fun anyhow.

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