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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sundance Bistro

My friend Tam is's a great place for lunch! It almost made me want to be a golfer.  I think this is one of my favorite Italian food places. I am not a golfer, but, I can claim to be Italian... and this is no doubt, one of the best restaurants in Spokane..Bob, ( you know who you are Bob) even seconded that opinion, and this of  his own free will too! 

Anyhow, today several of us ladies went to lunch together and we were a fairly large group... ten or twelve of us.   Jane and I shared a turkey wrap and we each ordered our own side salad. She had a Garden Salad and I had the Spinach, (which I have had before) I think there is just something nice about a Spinach Salad.... anyhow, I think the turkey wrap was the best wrap sandwich I ever have had. I didn't talk too much about food with the other ladies there, but everyone seemed to enjoy their meal as I did.

Not only that, I got to see some other friends who were there. My friend Andrew was there! He was having lunch by himself, taking a break from school or something. It was fun to surprise him and say hello. He told me about his sandwich that was specially made to his specifications, and he told me it was good too. It sounded really good...although I cannot remember what it was exactly. Walt has a way with food, as does the baker, Victoria.

See what others say about this restaurant at: Sundance Bistro on Urbanspoon Click on the urbanspoon link.

What do I like?  I like the atmosphere... and the food is good.  I like the view of the golf course too, which is very pleasant no matter the season. I also like the Italian music that plays while you dine, and I think the meals are offered at a reasonable  prices.  Another reason I like the restaurant is that I know that  Walt and Victoria they believe in only using the freshest, most natural ingredients and I appreciate that too. ( Click here: to see what the golf course webpage says about the restaurant.

I say, "Squisito!"

He re are some of their menu offerings:

Fettuccine Alfredo


We ordered two appetizers also... the Onion Crisps and Bruchetta.

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