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Monday, July 20, 2009

Wall Street Diner

The other day I was roaming Spokane and happened to drive down Wall Street. A little restaurant called the Wall Street Diner caught my attention and I thought to myself, "self, look at the neighborhood cafe'. That would be a lovely place to try." I proceeded to take a note of the hours and went on my way. Well, tonight we went to the Wall Street Diner, located on the corner of Wall and Princeton.

I was kinda excited about going there because from the outside it is really pretty. It's a small place in an older Spokane neighborhood, with four outdoor tables with umbrellas surrounded by a lush green and flowery landscape and it looks quaint and cozy from the outside. I was surprised when we drove up that all the outdoor tables were full and the small parking lot nearly full. Not having any idea how big the place was inside, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much seating. There was a long soda fountain type bar inside, and several booths as well. Just what you'd expect in a neighborhood diner, however, being as I am new to the "diner" experience, I thought it was rather neat.

Beth came with us and she hesitated saying yes to the diner as she was hoping for more than grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. I guess she is a little like us, wondering why go out for something you would make at home yourself... but she was lured at the prospect of eating in a restaurant once occupied by one of her movie favs, Johnny Depp.

Beth had a couple of friends tell her that Depp was at this particular restaurant when he made a movie in Spokane and that he had done filming there. She told me the credits to the film, Benny and Joon, note special thanks to the Wall Street Diner. She had seen the film herself, and when we walked in, she lhad ooked at the counter and noted that Depp had been there. (with a bit of a theatrical swoon, I might add.

Geo and Beth had salad, Geo had the Cobb and Beth had a Chicken Caesar;I had fish and chips. I enjoyed my food as it has been a long time since I indulged in fries. George and Beth liked their salad too.

For a little out of the way neighborhood place I thought they were quite busy and I guess perhaps that is why it took the waitress a while to tend our table. I imagine that when you are small like this and busy, some things just take a while. We passed the time waiting reading our menu, making out selections and quizzing one another using the trivia questions we had in a little book on our table. Additionally, I kept asking Beth stuff about Johnny Depp.

Beth makes me laugh... the way she gets all talkative about things like that... movies and movie stars. It was a rather fun thing to get excited about, but then, you have to understand that I do not know who Johnny Depp is... exactly...errr... eh,... Pirates of the Caribbean, (I think) and I have not even seen that movie, or Benny and Joon for that matter, but making a fuss that some movie star had been there once was really kind of fun.

After dinner, I asked the waitress about the history of the diner. She told me that it had been there since 1947. She also said that the owners now were not the original owners, and informed me that that they owned another restaurant in town as well, Europa also located on Wall only more down town. She said that the desserts they serve at the diner are made there. (Ahhhh! Another Restaurant to try!)

Seizing the opportunity to talk to this busy person, I also asked the waitress about Johnny Depp. I told her that I had heard he was in here once, filming a movie. She knew nothing about it.

She scampered off however to tell her co-workers in the kitchen that some customer was asking about a movie being filmed at this restaurant before and returned a few minutes late to inform me that the year was 1992 and the movie was, Benny and Joon. It was news to her, but Ha! I already knew that... (Beth is so smart!)

So we ate at the Wall Street Diner. It was kinda cool, one of those place to stop for amilk shake and fried with a friend and even sit at an old fountain soda type bar. that;s what I want to do next time, just like they do in those old movies. The food was good, the atmosphere friendly, the service was good and on top of it all we now have memories of eating at one of several little diners in Spokane WA, once visited by the movie star, Johnny Depp!

Wall Street Diner is located at 4428 N Wall St, Spokane!

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