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Monday, August 31, 2009

Bangkok Cousine Exotic Thai Resturant (Sandpoint ID)

Another great dining experience!

We went to Sandpoint this weekend and in our travels decided to try this Thia restaurant located in the downtown area. It had a great atmosphere and I tell you, the waiter we had was one of the best I ever had. He was friendly, attentive and he definitely knew what he was doing, serving his customers with care. The restaurant is family owned and operated which is often a nice touch when looking for a place in the center of a busy touristy town, if you ask me.

We ordered an appetizer called Silver Bags. at our waiters suggestion when we asked which of the many delightful sounding choices he would recommend. These were a rangoon type of item, crabmeat and cream cheese deep fried in a pastry type of dough. They look like little loot bags, something an outlaw would carry, sort of like a bandanna with coins inside and tied with a string. Hence the name I am sure, "Silver Bags," or bags of silver.

I kinda think the appetizers on menus these days are expensive, at 6 or 7 dollars usually. I am surprised whenever we order them at all. These were no exception. They were exceptionally delicious and we ate them all. We also ordered Thai Tea, our new addiction since we tried it at Sam's place a few weeks ago. We ordered one Thai Tea and one Thai coffee.

I liked the Thai Tea best but the Thai Coffee was good too. These were served with creme on top and the straws had a swirly whirly presentation too. making them extra special I am sure!

We had soup, our favorite, Thom Ka Guy. This was good, it tasted just as good as we like it but it did have some differences in appearances. For example, I could not find any galanga. The taste was the same, but besides no galanga, there were different mushrooms (more normal ones at that!) and even a bit of a different presentation. It was served in a dish to keep it warm, but it was hard to ladle from. Kinda awkward if you ask me, but we ate it all.

Then we had a panag curry. This was different too, rather mild on the curry.
It had a lot of green peppers which I was surprised to hear George order as he is not big on green peppers. It also had a delicious peanutty flavor. Served with rice, we even had to order a little more because we ended up putting a lot of rice in the broth of out soup. (We like it that way too.)

This place was great. It was a busy atmosphere, pretty, and the prices were reasonable. We even enjoyed the special touches too, like fish tanks, swirly decorations on our straws and even smelling the lovely fragrance of some real roses on display in a dish as we left.

This was the kind of Thai food Restaurant that makes it hard to ever want to eat anything else.

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