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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Scoop

The Scoop is an ice cream place and I like that it's smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood. I kinda think that it would be a fun little place to have nearby your house, or to stop at on the way home from school. (There's a school nearby too.) I live on the other side of town, but sometimes I am on the South Hill so I have been past the place a couple of times, but never ordered anything from here until today. Geo and I stopped by the other day and we ordered an espresso shake.

The building where The Scoop is located houses three businesses; a natural foods grocer, a hair salon and this cute little ice cream parlor. Besides ice cream, The Scoop serves breakfast foods and sandwiches. (I read it on their menu.) While we were in line, I noticed some of their dishes that they use to serve food to customers and I must say, they were quite an eclectic assortment, some were even quite unique. This little tidbit seemed to add just a little pizazz to novelty of the Scoop experience and what is an ice cream shop without pizazz anyhow?

One thing that struck me as we waited for our order was a sign on the wall advertising for the brand of ice cream that they use, Brain Freeze Creamery. The sign read, "Brain Freeze Creamery... Our modest approach to ice cream, high fat, high quality and high price. Everything you'd expect from a ridiculously small company." It made me laugh. Honesty... I love honesty.

The ice cream flavor titles they have at the Scoop made me laugh too. I mean, I have heard of MooseTracks, and eaten my share of Cookies and Cream, but I had never heard of "Muddy Cups and Dirty Dishes." They had some kind of Cake flavor too... and even offer free sprinkles...

The free sprinkles add pizazz too. : )

As we left sipping our shake we noticed that the store sign on the sidewalk outside advertised a musician who was going to be coming to play. That would be a lovely touch to enjoying an ice cream cone with some loved ones on a hot summer day. I wouldn't mind sipping my espresso shake to the tunes of a guitar man playing tunes at the local neighborhood ice cream stand.

As we drove out of sight, I imagined that such a scene could be much like one of those contemporary "Norman Rockwell" type of paintings, one that captured "a summer moment" in a day in the life of Spokane." Colorfully clad people were eating ice cream under large shade trees outside a quint little ice cream shop. A dog, some kind of spaniel, was tied to the stop sign, a bowl of water nearby for him to take a drink. Some boys were riding playfully on their skateboards, even into the street, and a couple of girls with cones in hand took an interest in petting the ice cream wishing dog. Meanwhile a couple of old folks drove away smiling, enjoying a milkshake, hoping to return again.

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