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Friday, September 18, 2009

Wah Hing

Great Chinese Food in North Spokane!  It seems like you have to travel a ways down Division to find a Chinese Food Restaurant, so being a northsider, I was glad to see this restaurant open, especially way North, near the Wandermere Center.  There is a lot of restaurant competition in this area and that is good.  Now that there is an Ace Hardware and the theaters... the sky's the limit! Who knows what will be next?

We have been to Ming Wah more than once, but I did not write about the last time because I was not writing this blog yet. Needless to say, we did visit there again.  It was just as good as the last time!

It was kind of funny though because it was late (9:15) and the place looked closed. Geo saw people inside so he went to check it out. They would be open another 15 minutes, and the people were very inviting to us even though it was late, so we went in.

It was very nice, although a little dimly lit. Almost a blacklight atmosphere in fact... black lights and chandeliers... amazing.

Geo ordered Mapo's Tofu and I ordered Mu Shu (Chicken.)

The Tofu was different than we expected it to be, different than any place we have ever been. The pork was not ground pork and it was not too saucy, but it was good. the diced bamboo was really different to us too and it made me feel like a bit of a panda.

The moo shoo (pronunciation) was great! It's is a new favorite dish of mine to be sure! Also we had a lot of food leftover for another snack... and Geo likes snacks...

...We sometimes call leftovers "Scooby snacks."

It was very nice to eat Chinese food with the background music not being fifties rock and roll. It was Chinese food, Chinese music, Chinese people, speaking Chinese... and speaking English with Chinese accents.. and bamboo too. You do not get too much more Chinese than that!

We thoroughly enjoyed our "late night" dining experience there as well as their kind hospitality.


  1. I think you have the name of this restaurant wrong. The only Ming Wah in Spokane or anywhere else is in Brownes edition. I think the restaurant you are referring to is the Wah Hing...up there by the Village Center Cinemas. Hate to be. too critical but the Ming Wah is one of a kind!!!

  2. Ahhh, observant one, thank you for noticing my mistake and helping me to correct it. You are right! I did get the names mixed up, but thanks to you I have now posted this properly as Wah Hing....

    and yes, Ming Wah, another Spokane Chinese food food stop, is definitely one of a kind!