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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sri Prasert Thai Bar and Grille

Very good food!  but let me tell you our story...

This place is also known as The Thaiway Lounge. It is a bar, banquet room, and restaurant and they have karoke, pool tables and golf games as well as a banquet room available for rental. It is located at 5908 E Broadway Avenue in an industrial type of area, but it has been at this location, or so the server told me, for about eight years. That would mean, since about 2001. I have never been to this place before, but the other day w were driving past and Geo said we have always wanted to go there.

"WE?" a-hem.....

I think maybe he has, as he probably dries past it mere than I do. I never remember "wanting" to go here. In fact we drove by recently and I had no idea what he was talking about and told him I didn't think I wanted to go there anyhow. (It simply did not look that exciting to me it looks a little like a nightclub, which by the way it is. (see above)  Plus, I just didn't get the name.

"Sri Prasert".... 

I have since come to realize or rather learn that "Prasert" is a last name... and that it was a great place for delicious food!

I think it was kinda funny how the prospect of trying this restaurant must have been on Geo's mind all week long...since driving by last week,  because this is exactly where we found ourselves tonight.

On the menu (for us) this evening was:
Coconut Milk Soup (Thom Kha Kai)
Green Curries (Gaeng KeowWhan)
Hot Spicy Ginger (Padh Prik Kblong)
Fried Bananas and Vanilla Ice Cream (Fried Banannas and Vanilla Ice Cream)

The sign outside as you drive by reads, "Best Thai food in Spokane." (I am sure that is what got his attention!) In Geo's opinion is that the sign comes pretty close to being accurate... he really loved it. And I have to agree, the food was absolutely great!
As I mentioned, we have driven past this place before and quite frankly it looks like a bar, a guy's hang-out kinda place...maybe even a little like a truck stop to me. Mind you, I have eaten at great truck stops, and I have heard that bars can serve some great food, but I generally just look for the sign that says restauratnt.  This place looked a little closed when we drove near. Then, we saw the open sign.   But it looked dark and barrish.

The restaurant part is not a bar, more accurately, it is a restaurant attached to a bar and it was a very nice restaurant room. Geo says you cannot judge a book by it's cover. We ignored the sign to "Mama's Lounge Upstairs" and we went in.
When we arrived no one else was in the restaurant but us, but soon a couple other tables filled up as well. Then the food arrived and we tasted it. It was fabulous.  This place just got better and better to us by the minute.
One thing Geo really liked was that they had pictures of the food dishes on the menu. (You can even see these on their menu at their webpage.) I prefer just reading the menu but I kinda like the pictures going with it too. I think that if I just had the picture to go on I wouldn't know what is actually in them.
We liked the tables, we liked the glasses, we liked the way that the waitress brought us everything we needed, without us needing to ask. There was no music playing that we could hear. and I kinda liked that too. At least it was different... very relaxing, quiet except for tables of happy customers talking, eating and enjoying their food.
As for the food, The Hot Spicy Ginger dish was quite unique, at least for us. It was spicy. Geo and I were laughing because we are so different sometimes. I like "spicy," but he likes his food hotter than I do. However I like jalenpenos and he does not. We were wondering, "How does that work?"
I am not sure, but at first I liked the ginger dish better than the curry, and he had ordered the curry so I was happy with my selection. However, I tasted the curry again..... and again... and...... well, before long I liked the curry better than the ginger. Funny thing was that Geo liked the Ginger better than the curry! I have a new appreciation for curry I guess.
We do not usually order dessert, but I was curious to try fired bananas, I mean I cannot remember the last time I fried bananas, if you know what I mean. It was very yummy and the dessert was big enough to share to which is always fun to do when you are with a friend.

We have our favorite places for Thai food, places where we have eaten some of the best Thai food ever but none of them advertise" the best in all Spokane," ( at least that I remember.) Our conclusion tonight was that the sign outside this restaurant is pretty close to being accurate. If you love Thai food, this may well be "the best Thai food in Spokane!"

And just a note:  Bar and Grille, doesn't that sound a little bit like Boy and Girl to you?  (I thought that was funny!)

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