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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Trip To England

Across the Big Blue....
I did not go to England, Geo did, but of course I got all his food reviews. Some of the places he ate at were:

Biplop located in Sindon at: 12-14 Wood St, Swindon. This is an Indian food Restaurant. Geo enjoyed Lamb Tikka.

Los Gatos
located 23 Wood Street, Swindon. Los Gatos means The Cats in Spanish and Los Gatos is a Spanish "Tapas Bar" and Cafe.'

Silks on the Downs, located at The Main Road, Ogbourne St. Andrew, Malrborough.

Fratello's located at
12 Victoria Road, Swindon.

He has yet to say everything about the restaurants ecept that he enjoyed the experience of eating so many wonderful foods. However, it should be noted that the lasagna he ate at Fratello's, he says, was "incredible, the best lasagna I have ever eaten," and this he said with great enthusiam, I might add. So if you are even in Swindon, and if you love Italian food, be certain to check out the lasagna at Fratellos!

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