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Monday, November 23, 2009

Twin Dragons (Airway Heights)

Taking a cruise along Sunset Highway on a Sunday evening, we visited the Twin Dragons restaurant. Several places we would have liked to go were closed, but we saw the open sign at this little place in the window and decided this was the next place we would try. It was not busy when we arrived, but it was still early.

As a Chinese food establishment, it is simple and it has all the typical Chinese amenities.
On the menu were combination plates for lunches and dinner, family style meals, soups, appetizers, fried rice, and lo mein dishes too. We were hungry this day and the combination dinner specials looked interesting, so that is what we ordered. The service was timely, and as we were hungry, we were glad.

The food was nothing real extraordinary, not fancied up with garnishes and stuff, not in the least, but it was good and I have to add that the people here really do know how to serve their customers. They are very nice. While there, I overheard the cashier conversing with a customer on the phone about onions and food ingredients and was so surprised to hear her happily answer all the questions, even offer to take onions out of the dish... only then to also hear her learn that the customer wanted onions... and then she was also very happy to put green onions on fried rice for the customer. If I were that customer, this would make me very happy. To me this was a demonstration that the workers here were not only very accommodating but that they go out of their way to be pleasant and helpful.

I took note that they are also sensitive and accommodating to the spice preference on foods. Most places are, but some just make it the way they make make it and it is "spicy." If a dish is "spicy" on the menu, you may order it mild, medium, hot or extra spicy.

Some interesting items on their menu include Garlic Hot Wings and Chinese Green Soup. I have not seen these other places in fact I do not even know what Chinese Green Soup is... someday I may have to find out!

Prices on the menu were mostly under $12.00. Lunch specials were $3.99. I think if there was a place like this near Geo's work, he would eat there every day. ( Well, I am sure of it as he told me he wishes that there were such a place.) Nothing on the menu was higher in price than $16.00, with that being "per person" for the extra large, family-style dinner.

We ordered rangoon for appetizers and as I mentioned we opted to try the combination plate specials that were advertised for $7.99. For these "Dinner Specials" they have a white board with two lists of food options where the customer can choose one item from each list as their meal. The order then comes with soup and fried rice. Geo ordered Kung Pao Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken, I ordered General Tao's Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken.

The Rangoons were not like any rangoon I have ever had before. Usually I have seen these done as tiny bundles or packages and they have always had a fair amount of stuffing. These however were made flat. They were basically fried wonton folded in half, and though they were supposed to have cream cheese and crab mixture in them, I found some of them to be near empty, if not completely empty, and found this disappointing.

It was one of those situations where I probably should have said something to the restaurant owner, but didn't because Geo liked them. We have had friend wonton as an appetizer in other Chinese restaurants before, where they put in a very tiny piece of something...(meat?) so maybe that is how they intended to make them, I do not know, but to me it was not rangoon, and seemed skimpy. If we both would have had an issue, then we would probably have complained. Next time I will try a different appetizer.

The General Tao and Sweet and Sour Chicken dishes were typical, -pieces of battered and fried chicken with flavored sauce poured over them. Kinda mundane for me personally... but tasty. Geo's Kung Pao Chicken looked boring, it did not even have peppers displayed in it and no carrots either, but it tasted fantastic. He liked it a lot and even gave me a few bites. This is one yummy dish!

I love Kung Pao.

Twin Dragons is located at 12526 W Sunset Hwy, and they deliver to the local area, provided you meet the minimum order size. It's a simple and flavorful little Chinese restaurant in Airway Heights.

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