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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

China Dragon

China Dragon is not a new restaurant to us; we have gone there often and for years.  They have great lunch specials and fantastic Chinese food of all kinds.  Geo really likes the Beef Noodles, which is actually more like a soup in my opinion, but they call it noodles and it is listed under "Noodles" on the menu and our waitress tonight told us that even in China, they just call it "Noodles."  This is a spicy dish.  Geo ordered it again tonight and it was fantastic as usual.  Spicy, and Mmmm- Mmm good!

I am so sorry I did not take pictures tonight.  I kinda forgot, until we were halfway through our meal.  A picture of this would have been terrific, for it was a sight to see.   The bowl of soup was enormous... and my plate was very appetizing.

Having never ordered a combination plate for dinner, just for lunch, I was surprised that the item selections were different.  I chose to have the combination dinner #2,  consisting of Chow Mein, Barbecue Pork, Fried Rice and Spicy Crispy Chicken.  I have to say though that I didn't particularly want to have things offered in this combination, but I liked it once I had it before me on the plate.  Everything was very good.  It was just not all my favorite things in the group, or any of the groupings for that matter and I had to compromise.

My favorite things on my plate were the Chow Mein and the Spicy Chicken.  I love the Chow Mein here.  It is filled with celery and cabbage and onions.  I have tried ordering Chow Mein other places... but it is not the same as here.  I think I am finally getting the idea between the difference between Chow Mein and Special Chow Mein though.  Special Chow Mein is soft noodles.  I like the crunchy... most of the time.  I am still working on differenciating between items like Lo Mein, Chow Fun and Chop Suey.

In the olden days, they used to have a piano player on Sunday afternoons.   I loved that.  It was kinda different, eating Chinese food while a piano master played requests from the audience and serenaded the after church Sunday dinner crowd, and quite fun.  They do not do that anymore.  It's Chinese music.

The decor inside this place is really interesting too.  There is a lot of Chinese art, mostly reliefs, and etched glass throughout and since Christmas is this month the place is done up for the holiday.

I like seeing the cooka cooking in the kitchen through the window and I also like checking out the fish in the fish tank as you come in.  It was a Silver Arowana.  He has been there a long time.

The workers at this restaurant are always really nice and tonight was no exception.   Eating here is always an enjoyable experience.

And then of course, there is the cookie of wisdom that you get after the meal:

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  1. egg noodles are smaller noodles.
    Lo Mein is a soft noodle as well but a bit fatter.
    Chow fun is a rice noodle.
    Chop Suey -- no noodles

    (OR So that is what I have been told)