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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Taste of Thai, (another taste)

Rather than try somewhere new to us, tonight we revisited A Taste of Thai, first of all because it was close to where we were, second of all, because we like Thai food and thirdly, because this place is good.

If I need another reason, I can think of more... like I did not have pictures of it before and tonight we took some pictures to add to this blog!  (that's four!) Here is our table...

I took some other photos as well, but they did not come out so great I will not post them. The food looked terrific too.

We ordered Thai Tea, Spring Rolls, Thom Ka Gai, and Red Curry.  The Red Curry dish is in the foreground.  It has chicken, basil, green peppers, bamboo, and red bell peppers.  this is a tasty curry dish!  The Thom Ka Gai was excellent, and I even liked the Thai Tea.

I love the cozy atmosphere here and the fact that this is a small family-owned restaurant.  Tonight ww also saw some people we know eating there at the same time we were, and it was fun to talk to them.  They said that they go there to eat often. it's one of their regular places.  When I asked them what they liked the best, Mike said, "the menu!" He likes it all!  This night he had tried something new that was served with spinach leaves.  He loved it.

This lovely little restaurant is located at 419 West Hastings Road in Spokane.  It is in the same shopping center where Calvary Chapel Church is. 

Another reason to go there to eat is that the food is definitely good.

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