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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Ginger is fabulous! 
 It's not a large restaurant by any means, which makes it rather busy if it's a Friday night during the dinner hours, but we were very pleased.

We had tried to visit this restaurant a few weeks ago, but it was on a Monday and they were closed.  It looked a lot different that day than it did tonight.  The place was packed.

It is located at 1228 S Grand Blvd. 

When we got there, we had to wait...but only a few minutes.  It was kind of fun waiting, watching all the stuff going on.  We stood by the doorway as people crowded in and about and around and quite frankly for a little while we thought that the hustle and bustle was crazy.   We  had second thoughts about staying, but it was kinda fun and we were there and no where else we wanted to go, so we stayed and then, then the next thing we knew they had a table for two tha they called us to.

I had a great view of the guys working at the sushi bar and all the food they made, most of which went past my table on it's way to the guests. This was really something to see.

People at the table next to us ordered two giant sushi boats... and the sushi is really served in "boats!"  I wish I would have asked them if I could take a photo... they would have let me I am sure because they were very nice, but I didn't want to make a spectable of taking photos.  All I can tell you is that the colors served up are amazing.  The colors of the sushi bar we amazing...

I have only been to a sushi bar restaurant once before and then I did not eat sushi.  I have been to restaurants that serve sushi, and I like sushi, only I have only eaten those California Rolls... (the sushi without raw fish.) Tonight was no exception, but I am getting closer.  As I understand my dd has eaten eel, and I tell you THAT is an inspiration.

 We ordered hot and sour soup, happy to know we could order it by the bowl.  We ordered the Dynamite Roll from the Sushi Menu and General Tao Chiucken..

This is the Dynamite Roll.  Strips of Ginger are in the upper left and wasabi is on the lower left.   Not sure exactly what the sauce is in itbut it looks like it could be  dessert.  

Geo said that it was the most incredible "sushi " he ever had.  (He has been to sushi bars a lot in his many world travels and adventures.)  He loved it!  Really... talked about it several times on the way home. I asked him what was different and he said the fact that it was served warm, sid it was not like anything he had ever had before.   (This is probably because it is not a raw dish!)  >I thought<.

We actually ordered the Lobster Roll at first, and when we did, our waiter, who was talking to use about the food in general, said this is the one he liked the best, and so we changed to this.  He said it was the same as the Lobster Roll, only with scallops too.  Yum!

Here is the rest of our meal... soup and the General Tao's.  Beautiful isn't it?

We enjoyed our dinner here.... as did most of Spokane it would seem.  Remember how I said it was really busy?  Well it was also really LOUD, unbelievably so.  It was so loud we recorded the noise with our cell phones just for fun.  On the way home we played them for each other, compared recordings and had little rabble wars in the car being obnoxious with each other...  just for fun.  I have never heard so much noise while I am eating, ever before in my life.  There was no music, and there was not room in the air for it if it were there.  The ambiance here was a little like being in a whole different place, like maybe somewhere in New York!

After giving you the idea this is a great place to dine, I hope you think the same when you are there. 
We can hardly wait to pas this way again....

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  1. curtis has been telling me about his place for months..he went there on a business lunch..nice pictures!! I have got to try this one!