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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Frankie Doodles

Frankie Doodles, 30 E 3rd Ave, is probably one of the first restaurants we ever ate at in Spokane... way back in 1993, and I hadn't been there since.  This is not because it wasn't good, just that there are so many options in Spokane and we do have our most favorite spots.  I have to say though, now that we have visited here again, it is quite possible that Frankie Doodles might be one of our favorites- at least for this type of dining experience.

I am surprised to see myself writing those words because we almost didn't even get out of our car when we pulled into the parking lot.  We actually thought to leave... and almost did, but we had already driven around a bit and figured that we are on this quest to explore the restaurants in Spokane and so it was only fair that we should give it a try since we were already there.  We liked it... a lot, and this despite the unattractive fake deer in the window with a heart around it's head, probably there to celebrate the holiday.

It would really snazzy up the place if they had a window dresser... perhaps even behoove them, if they hired someone to make an attraction in that fancy window that people would perhaps come just to see, and wander in to eat some food.  Note the word FOOD on their signature sign:

The touch of the Pacific Northwest in their window... aka the deer, IT must help make this place endearing to the locals.... hunters and such.. outdoorsie kinda folk.  I think Cabela's followed their lead.  I mean, after all, our Spokane friends brought us here when we first moved into town.. and that deer was probably there at that time!

I have learned over the years that Frankie's is a bit of a Spokane landmark.  It's located downtown right next to it's sister restaurant, Dicks Hamburgers, a place where one can buy hamburgers by the bagful, a place know for it's sharp servers and fresh cut potato fries... a spokane Locals favorite I understand.  I have only been there twice myself.  Frankie's has been in Spokane since 1981 and it's a landmark too, like Dick's.  As for Frankie's, you can hardly miss the sign as you into Spokane from the I90 freeway onto Division St.

 Once inside we were greeted by a large gorilla.  I thought it was a nice addition.  Better than a person in a suit, like some other restaurants, if you ask me.

Frankie's is a nice little coffee shop and i am told that they are best known for breakfasts...and dinners like chicken fried steak and  liver and onions, as well as their salads and desserts.

Yes, we saw the sign, (the green neon one) but we had no idea that it meant what it said.

You can only imagine our surprise at the actual size of the salads we ordered!

Please note the large-sized water cups and the dressing bowls.
These were huge salads! Or maybe you would say, "Colossal!"  And..just in case you did not notice, these are served in colanders!~ Oh my!

Geo had the Chef Salad and I ordered something called... well, um... I didn't like the name that they gave this particular salad; it was called the "Garbage Salad." not very appetizing, not an attractive name to say the least. I almost avoided ordering it it, but then I thought it would be to blog about.   Not every day one eats a Garbage Salad and lives to talk about it.  
So, I braved up and ordered it, mostly because I liked the mixture of the ingredients listed, including green peppers...  It was great! (It was however void of peppers.)

Chef Salad

The "Garbage" Salad

We also ordered a bowl of the Spicy Chicken Soup.  If we would have known the size of the salads we might not have ordered this.  It was tasty.. and spicy, as advertised.
As we enjoyed out food we watched the waitress making all this wild desserts for customers.  They were huge...(Cinnamon rolls alone are plate sized!) and very attractive too.  It got our attention.  When all was said and done we had to try one.  Geo picked something called the Fudge Ana... and it is filled with bananas ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate chips, nuts and fudge... to the max!  Again compare the size of this product to the large drinking glasses... and the teaspoons.

And  this is the bill... so colorful, it almost looked like a greeting card.   I had never seen any bill delivered to me like that before.  I thought it was a classy touch...

During our time there a lot of happy people came and went all seeming to have a nice time at this restaurant too.  Quite a few were regulars... and  alot of people ordered the desserts.  We might have to come back again sometime and try the breakfast or celebrate some occasion with another fancy treat.

I kinda think that Frankie Doodles, for an old fashioned coffee shop  is a neat place to eat.  It's a friendly place, and it's right in the heart of Spokane!

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