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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kusina Filipina

This ain't no burger and fries!  If you are at all island inclined.. this place is for you!  It's authentic ethnic at it's best.

We visited Kusina Filipina last spring before we began our blog... so it was time to go again, and this time to blog it.

The people here are so friendly and very helpful in helping you make selections of your food if you are trying something new.  Most of the selection are of pork, chicken and beef, but there are shrimp fish and vegetarian selections too.  It's not a big menu and it does contain some unusual items like jicama, yucca root, milkfish, jackfruit and tofu.

We remembered that last time we were here it was rather foreign tasting, the tamarind soup in particular, but we liked it, even though we had never had that before!  Apparently it is a taste that grows on you.. because .remembering the flavor from the last time we enjoyed it even more.

Tonight we ordered the Lumpiang Sariwa which is vegetables, tofu and a sauce in a rice paper wrap with lettuce.  The menu called it a spring roll, but it really was not rolled up.  We also had a coconut drink...

"Happines in a Bottle!"

For dinner we ordered Pansit Bihon and Shrimp Sinigang.

The Bihin is a sort of stirfried thin hair noodle with vegetables and meat. 
 The Sinigang is a soup with shrimp, jalapeno ginger onions and spinach in a tamarind broth.  Very delicious!  You do need to appreciate the entire shrimp being served when you order this dish.

Geo loved it.  He loves sea food, and he loves soup and this was the best of both worlds.  I think he is an islander at heart. 

This is also a very educational restaurant... authentic ethnic, I say.  I learned that the Philippine Island have 7107 Islands of which 4000 are inhabited.

Then, for dessert we had their flan, our hostess told it it wa a Filipino "version." of flan at that!    This was truely amazing... Geo called it FLANtastic, and I agree.

I think this would be a great place just to come and have desserts!  They make something here called a Halo Halo... I would love to come and try that sometime. It is made with red beans, Jackfruit, shaved flavored ice and flan and the flan.. is "flantastic"... so it must be an incredicble dessert!

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  1. amazing LIsa! I am beginning to think we live in different cities! I drive Francis sometimes, not often, but when I do..I never notice all these places..then I read here and want to go try them all...lets see, I could start at 7 a.m. and by 5 P.M. I could have worked my way down to Assembly...I want to know what things taste therefore, from now on, you MUST include a click here to taste option!!!

  2. So funny! Scratch and sniff too!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Yum, I'm going to have to try this