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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nhu-y Rooster Grill

1412 W. 2nd Ave
During our visit at this Asian restaurant we learned that they would soon close their doors.   Rooster Grill is, we were told, going out of business as of Monday, March 1.  We were, inadvertently, some of their last customers.  It is too bad because they have been here a long time.  They had been closed for a while but had just reopened three months ago.  Now they are closing.

I was going to post pictures, but think it is a bit of a mute point to post about a restaurant that is going out of business.  We did eat here though,  so I will tell you what we ordered.

Vietnamese Spring rolls...  an Indonesian dish called Rendang (a la Rooster) and the House Special Chow Mein on Crispy Noodles.  Sad to say that if they were not closing this would not rate with one of our favorite places.  The food was "fair."

 Could that be because they were closing their doors soon?  Who knows.  Things might have been different though if they were going full steam ahead.  Perhaps someone will come along and open a new and exciting restaurant at this location.   It is a building that looks like an old Denny's.  It's roomy and has all the restaurant amenities.  With so many good little restaurants around this area, like Linnie's and Tacos Tumbras,we were thinking that this had become a nifty little restauranty part of town.  Now it seems there is one less.

To the merit of the restaurant management they were very nice people and really went out of their way to serve us even though they would be closing their doors in a few days.  They even brought us sliced oranges as a dessert kind of treat, (without charge) and our waitress was the sweetest ever.

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