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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Red Robin

Red Robin is a trendy American "Hamburger" restaurant.  On some days they even have a person in a bird costume to greet kids and kids at heart.  This is American food... must be, for The Statue of Liberty even greets you as you come in the door. 

They have a lounge (bar) and a game room, and the place is decorated with nostalgic photos of movie memorabilia and fun neon signs. It's a busy place, well liked by most people.  I think people mostly like to come and celebrate birthdays... or, if they are like me, just to get together with friends.  It's a restaurant "chain," not a mom and pop kind of place, but the reputation is good, not only from a visitors perspective,  but people i have talked to who have worked there say it's a great restaurant environment to work in.  People have told me that working there is like being part of a family... and that they generate a sense of excellence in what they do as a team to serve their customers...  It shows.

They have a place at their website where you can check your food's nutritional value,  ingredients, in case you have allergies to any particular items, a birthday club for free goodies on your birthday... and a kids page too.  They even give out balloons to kids.  It's kinda fun for them I imagine.

Some friends and I visited Red Robin yesterday, mostly to gab; eating, I would say, was the side venue of our gathering.  We came hungry just the same.

I also think that this restaurant was very accommodating to us... they were great actually, even gave us separate checks without grumbling at us like some other place we have been as a group.  We also enjoyed our variety of meals...

We had, chicken sandwiches, "clucks" and onion rings, fish and chips, a beautifully arrayed nacho dish that I lost the photo of.... (how did that happen? It was the most fantastic looking dish!?!) and apple crisp...

We also ordered an assortment of drinks like hot tea, peach tea, and even a Root Beer Float...

This is a great place for Root Beer Floats and for milshakes too.

Like the Fries, which are fantastic, (if you like fries...) the Root Beer was bottomless.  This means that they keep brining it... until you do not want more.   Nice.

<---My sandwich was the bruchetta chicken one.  Advertised as "whole chicken breast with freshly prepared bruschetta salsa, pesto aioli, Provolone cheese, shredded romaine lettuce and balsamic cream on rustic ciabatta bread."  There are so many things on the menu, I had a hard time selecting.    I thought I would try something a little different and I like pesto... so here it was. 

I didn't care for the presentation, and I didn't like it very much, mostly because it was extremely messy.  The bottom of the platter was sauced with an oily substance (not sure which was...(but whatever it was it was definitely excessive. ) It got all over my fries too.   It is not something I would want to eat again.  It looked only vaguely similar to the neat and crispy looking item pictured on their  menu. 

"Boo hoo" on my sandwhich, but there was no complaints from the rest of the crew.. .just me.  I did love my Root Beer Float!

You win some, you lose some... when it comes to restaurants, at least that is my experience. I have eaten here before,, had some kind of salad that was really good.  My not so good sandwich took me by surprise. 

Red Robin is trendy...and while they make a good burger... they are still a bit on the high priced side... my meal all by itself, was over 14.00.   They are friendly, courteous and do strive to serve the customer, even offer "gourmet" burgers of a vast variety.... great french fries and fun lemonades and drinks, but it's only one of many burger places, one of many places to go out to eat in Spokane.  If you go there, you might want to stick with the burger.  They will fix it just the way you like it...  and they will sing you or someone you love a Happy Birthday song and make it fun to be with your friends and family; It's their specialty to do that.  Unfortunately, I do not recommend this sandwich.  

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  1. lol, Red Robin!! my people love this place, but for this very reason you list here, I donot like it...their sandwiches are too messy!! but it is good food...we have had great service there and horrible...but the food is ALWAYS good...I have to say, since my kids and hubby love going there, I often have to hold my breath and hope they don't choose it...till we are safely past it...:-) I prefer NEAT good food...