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Monday, February 22, 2010

Senor Froggy's

This Senor Foggy's (one of three in Spokane area) is on North Division Rd.  But you have to decide when you go here... "Will it be Mexican or Italian?  You get to pick when you stop here for food.    If you ask me, this is what being in America is all about.  Not only choice, but selection as well as appreciation for culture.

Here is one menu...

Here is the other...

Today's menu selection was "one of each."  Corn Chowder on the left from Luigi's Express and a small Nachos from Senor Froggy's on the right hand side... both under the same roof!  Also, you can see some tasty condiments from their salsa bar.

The bowl of soup came with this fresh warm bread!  Under those chips is a layer of refried beans.

I kinda like the decor here... It's quite Mexico looking.  I have to say that this restaurant is service oriented.  The people who work here have always been good servers.  You order your food at the counter and take a seat and then they bring it to you.  The tables are always clean too. 

And for food, it's not too bad.  Kinda tasty.  I love the salsa bar and the hot sauce is the best ever!

You can even drive thru!

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