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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tacos Tumbras

Great Salsa!  Fresh tasting and delicious Mexican food!  

Tacos Tumbras, located at 1325 West 2nd Avenue was a great find.  Our waiter told us that they have only been opened at this location since before the holidays in 2009.  This location?  Yes! Apparently they are already famous for their Valley restaurant located on E Sprague, and their Taco Truck as well.  They are new to us, and we were very happy to find them.

It's not a fancy spot, not a fancy place, and we were a little taken aback at first as we sat ourselves and had to wait a bit for a menu.  It wasn't long though until we were greeted, offered drinks and given menus.
They have nice, easy to read menus too.  Here are a couple of pages:

(Double click to enlarge your view.)

In addition to the complimentary Chips and Salsa we ordered a Tamale (single item) combination plate. This means that it comes with rice and re-fried beans.  It was smothered in tomatillo sauce.  Quite a unique flavor.  We thought it was delicious as was the rice and authentic tasting beans.

We also ordered a two item combination plate of a Chile Relleno, and Chimichanga...

a Fish Taco, which was probably our favorite of it all, but we liked everything.

Second fav was the tamale and we liked the beans...and the Chimi was great... and so was the rellenos.... Ah!  It was all good.

and for dessert, a flan.

I can hardly wait to come back and order something like a fajita.... I saw on the menu that it even has "cactus" as an ingredient!  How is that for South-of-the-border flavor?

As an update....
Went back again, November 2011, this time with friends and food was as authentic and yummy as the first time.
Fajita Sampler...(Beef Pork and Shrimp!) and companion dish

Street Tacos

Chile Rellenos and Cheese Enchilada Combinacion

Los Tacos Tumbras on Urbanspoon

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