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Monday, March 1, 2010

Best of China Buffet

 Best of China used to be named Top of China.  It changed ownership in 2008, (or so I was told by out waiter when I asked him tonight.)    The place still looks pretty much the same as when it was Top of China... they even still have the car in the roof, left over when the building was a nightclub called Swackhammers.  It is still a Chinese buffet restaurant, and it even seems to have much the same type of selections; even the name is similar, but I think it it more kept up than it used to be. 

It certainly is nice to have such a lovely selection  of foods to choose from.  They have so many things... even pizza.  The best part however may well have been the crab legs, if you ask me. 

 There was a lot to choose from.  Even a sushi bar.

I did not have sushi or kim chee, but Geo did, as well as oysters with cheese sauce.  mussels, stuffed crab and duck.  We also tried the tasty array of entrees and hot and sour soup.  Geo liked that and I didn't.

We tasted rangoons, an eggroll and spring rolls garlic spinach and General Tao's chicken, asparagus and cantaloupe and pudding.  My favorite though was the peanuts in sesame seeds... for dessert. 

This is a dangerous place to eat at too often because it is one place where you could really overeat.  If you are not careful you might start looking like these fish!

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