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Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicken and More (CHKN-N-MO)

My, Oh My!  If you love Southern style cooking, hushpuppies, fried chicken, catfish or BBQ ribs, then this place is for you!  The food is delicious!

Not only that the location downtown at 414 1/2  W. Sprague is casual and convenient.

It's a go up to the window and order your food type of place with several booths and tables for your seated dining, but you can order food to go as well.  This would be great if you are planning a picnic I am sure. I enjoyed the decor of signs and license plates from all the states. 

Double click on the menu below to get a closer look.

On the menu for us tonight was the ribs and chicken combo plate.  It came with two sides and rolls.  We also ordered the Beef Brisket sandwich, served on a bun.

For sides we ordered chili, rice and beans, and "greens" which was either collard greens or maybe spinach, I am not sure.  All I know is that they were good.  Made me feel like I was in the South.

The rice and beans was great too, fantastic flavor... Soul food ya know. We even liked the chili.

Geo says the ribs were awesome.  The chicken was greasy, but then it is fried chicken.  People at the table next to us kept saying it was the best chicken around.

For dessert we has ourselves some sweet potato pie.  It comes int he little mini pie tin and it is definitely sweet.

Not only good food here, but nice people.  And you know, it is the people in Spokane that  makes Spokane such a great place to live and work in, or even visit.   We certainty have our share of good restaurants too, and this is one of them... fer sure.

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