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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Honey Baked Ham Cafe

This is a small place with just a few tables, and it was news to me.  Never noticed it before..

However for people who like  Ham, in particular,

Honey Baked Ham, you can even go home with a party or holiday ham ...or two if you like. 

No more mail order shopping or paying for shipping.! )Now there is an old-fashioned idea!). 

I stopped here for lunch with some friends having never heard of it before. I am not a ham fan but I enjoyed my sandwich.

There is nothing foo-foo or frilly about this place; in fact , I think it is very much a man's kind of sandwich stop.  (Even man's salon right next door!)  I say this because this is the real deal.  You do not even have to go in to see what they serve, it is right on the door.  Its the kind of place where you walk in, ger what you want and then, having done what you came to do, you're ready to be on your way.... or you can stop and eat it at one of their very few tables. It's the kind of place that gets the job of lunch done, no frills... except the pickle.

I ordered the Tavern Sandwich, a creation made with both Turkey and Ham.  It was good.  Served warm, it was made with whole grain bread and was accompanied by a bag of potato chips and a slice of dill pickle.  Our sandwiches looked just like the pictures on their menu board.

This Cafe is located across from Northtown Mall in the Northtown Sqare Shopping Center.

This place is so new that its not on Urban Spoon yet

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