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Friday, May 7, 2010

Olive It Cafe

Drum roll please.....for Tasty Trek post 100....Olive It Cafe on the corner of Crestline and Brigdeport!

I so like this place. it is a great little coffee stop.  They do not have espresso, but they have good coffee, the real old fashioned, cafe kind.  It is just simply a fun little coffee and sandwich shop of the neighborhood sort.   I wanted to wait and post after Geo had been here too.... (I have actually been here twice now without him.) .  My first visit was alone for lunch about a year ago when they were pretty new...., my second on April 24th this year with a friend, and hopefully I will go there tomorrow too... with Geo to check out the Friday night scene and show him the cool phone booths..  (Will post more about it then.)  I can hardly wait to experience one of their special Friday Nights.  This little coffee house features musicians playing or authors reading their works and sometimes artists on Friday evenings.  I can hardly wait!   Besides that, they have great sandwiches.

Olive It's menu is geared for serving breakfast and lunch, so I was a little surprised to hear they would be open early evenings.  Also, I hear that clam chowder is made there and available on Fridays.

Olive It  is a relaxed atmosphere with a great selection of fresh. yummy food,. and you really feel quite at home.  You can read a book, play a game or if you are the superman type, they even have a nifty phone booth... just in case you need to don your suit and be a hero  in metropolis. There are actually two of them, a great photo opportunity of days gone by.  There are His and hers....I think.   I just want to say that I love this place..  It.s fun, friendly and the food is delicious!  It's served with a smile and an olive, of course!

I went to meet a friend and we ate lunch.  I ordered a flatbread BLT and cup of soup, oh and a fresh squeezed lemonade which was fantastic.  She ordered a regular sandwich. The waitresses bring popcorn and water to munch on while you wait for your food.  I think it is a special touch.

The restaurant has been in business for about two years.  I am especially intrigued with their hospitality as they work to make this little cafe a place for community to happen.  They have a keen interest in supporting the artist community too..  On this particular day in April,  there was a craft fair on progress....

Here is one of the crafters now....

Her expertise is recycling.  She recycles clothing into fashionable purses... hats and things like that!

Among other things....  She is an excellent artist, but then there were many excellent artists there that day.  There were jewelry makers, musicians authors, and artists...  and even items that were crocheted. 

The craft exposition was great.  It was not well-advertised, mostly just a sign on the street and a blurb on the web brought regulars and passer-bys in but I think it was their first such event.
They even had a live band, "Sound Travel."  The music played by Stephen Talley and Carol Smith was relaxing and gave the place a nice atmosphere.  Several vendors sold wares indoors around the room.  You can actually probably browse and buy their wares anytime because the Olive It sells their items in the store.  This was a special event for the artists that are on display in this little coffee house to meet the public!

There were many beautiful things to see, and buy... and to hear, on a day like the day I was there.  But mostly, there are things to eat.

Olive IT Cafe is located at 3402 N. Crestline.  Telephone them for information about events and hours at 413-1589

Visited on a Friday Evening and MO was playing her guitar.  Great Blues/Folk singer!  Fun and friendly atmosphere!  One of the waitresses even pulled out her harmonica and sang and played along with MO.  It was great.  This is the kind of place to plan to visit a bit. Our order seemed to take a little while... and NEwflash on the menu items: The Friday night menu includes five special kinds of pizza.

Geo liked it.  He surprised himself in liking the flatbread sandwich he accidentally ordered.  He didn't think he liked flatbread sandwiches and forgot to order the kind of bread he likes.   He did order the sandwich with the cranberry cream cheese on the side, because he didn't think he would like that either, but do you know what?  He put the cream cheese on his sandwich and decided that he liked the flat bread sandwich...and the cream cheese too.

What we really liked though was the live music scene.  If you are an inspiring artist, and if you want to play somewhere, you will have to check this little-known place out.  If you love live and local music and the arts, this little coffee shop in Hillyard, could possibly be the next "best" (in the way of alcohol free/local artist supporting) music hotspot in the local area.

Hooray for the Olive It Cafe in Hillyard!  They have a great idea for our community and make a great flatbread sandwich too!

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