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Friday, July 2, 2010

Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza located in the Five Mile Shopping Mall, 1908 W Francis Ave, and it was the destination for this outing with two of my dear friends for lunch. I had never been here before and they go here a lot because they really like the lunch special.  I can hardly refuse an invitation to lunch, especially with people I love, so off I went.  

We were Salad Bar Surfing in no time at all.

In addition to the salads, one friend had a mini pizza and I did the lunch special which included the salad bar, pizza bar and a drink.  The pizza bar had a pasts dish offered as well as pizza that day. 

I have since learned that there are Round Table Pizza restaurants at a lot of locations....  I really need to get out more I hguess.  I have actually heard of it, drived past even many times before... but I know this now fer sure, fershizzle,, because  I checked it out on the web!  They are in several states and in a lot of cities, in Spokane alone there are on the South Hill and one in the Valley too!  This means when you order up a King Arthur Supreme in CA, OR, AK or WA you know what you will be getting kinda like a Pizza Hut or 'Mickey D's" (MacDoonalds, if you please)

They are popular.  Here is their menu link.

Here is my lovely salad.  

My friends/ salads were lovely too, but I didn't get good photos of them, nor of our pizza, past or anything else that day.  

As this is currently one of my friends'... these two sisters's... favorite lunch stops, I just may go again sometime with them, but then, once they read my blog, they just might want to "restaurant around" with me a bit. 

Until then,  I can at least say that I have eaten at the Round Table Pizza, and I concur with my friends, it's a great little place to have a quick and tasty lunch, another great-little-restaurant-in-Spokane.

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  1. LOVE this place..their pizza is delicious and their salad bar is always fresh and clean...