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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chinese Gardens (Couer d'Alene, ID)

Sometimes you need a tasty trek adventure when you are in another state. and when we recently found ourselves in ID we googled for a a Chinese eatery and found ourselves at this little spot... Chinese Gardens.

Things here were definitely Chinese.  There was the tropical fishtank, (a common feature of many Chinese restaurants,) Chinese writing on the wall... even a painting of  the great wall of China.   The only thing not Chinese was our waitress.  She did not look Chinese.

  In 2005 readers of the local business journal voted this restaurant the best Chinese place in town, so we figured we would give it a try.

The menu had a lot of interesting Chinese dishes to try too.  There were several people in our hungry group and, as we were all a bit famished, having been out all day near the water's edge, we passed our tastes of China around a bit.

We had Rangoon

and Kim Chee for appetizers.

One person in our group had never had Rangoon.  I love Rangoon, but have to say that these were not the best I have ever eaten.  The person who had never eaten Rangoon before loved them though.  The Kim Chee, like most all the  Kim Chee I know, had to grow on you a bit.

The other dishes we ordered  to our table were the Mar Po Tofu
  No Pork in this dish, and it was spicy!

Kung Pao Chicken...
I didn't care for the bell peppers.

Geo ordered the Crispy Noodle Chow MEin and was disappointed because it was not what he thought it would be.  IT was mainly stir fired vegetables  and chicken on top of those chubby crispy chow mein noodles.   He said that it was good though.

and we also tasted their Curry Chicken.

All of our dishes were served with rice. I have to say I thought the Curry Chicken dish was the most aromatic and tasty.  I think it was the touch of ginger in the dish that made it so flavorful, but then it was a curry and I like that too. 
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