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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ferguson's Cafe

This is not just Ferguson's, it's the NEW Ferguson's, and those of us who loved the old Ferguson's restaurant are really happy! It's so reminiscent of the old place, and yet it's new!

It was fun to find this smiley faced balloon on the flower box as we were leaving.  I simply fluffed it a bit and took this photo.  It seemed appropriate that I found it right next to the OPEN sign, since eating here was a happy experience.

Ferguson's  re-opened on July 26th, 2010 and I tell ya, it's a lot like having the old place back, even under the new ownership.  Besides, I love visiting the various shops. 

When Ferguson's closed last January, it left a big void on Garland Street.   I have to say, I experienced the sadness personally when I went to the location for lunch one day only to arrive and find the windows covered with black plastic and a sign that read, " CLOSED."  It was downright depressing.

It had been only recently that I had discovered the place.  My son had taken me there for lunch and I thought I was on to something good.  Then I experience the CLOSED sign ordeal and then came the news that Ferguson's was not just CLOSED; they had gone out of business!  I had been to Garland street since that time, and I tell ya, it was just not he same without Ferguson's.

So, today, there I was, driving down Garland with a friend when she saw they were opened.  We were actually on our way to another restaurant.. but when were saw the OPEN sign, we unanimously decided to forgo our previous plans and head for a new destination... Ferguson's. 

Yep... It was just I remembered... with an upgrade.  It felt good to sit inside and look out on the passersby. One woman even came in to have a look around.  She knew Ferguson's way back "when."  After talking to us briefly, she turned and went back out on her merry way to catch a bus.  The new look had her approval.

Even though the place has had a remodel and has new owners it felt like the good old days. It's still breakfast and burgers on the menu.

It should.  This place does have a reputation... you might even say, its "historic". The owners do.

Spokane, I understand, is a great place for filming movies.  In fact, several famous ones have been filmed right here... well at the Ferguson's Cafe.    You can see the movie posters for these films on the wall.  They are: Benny and Joon; Vision Quest; and Why Would I Lie.

The music played in the restaurant kinda fits the theme.  Mostly tunes from the fifties and sixties, we enjoyed listening to some old Broadways songs from musicals...Beatles... Beach Boys, things like that.  Goes great with the motif.

 But on to more important stuff... like, "What did we eat?"

I had the
Tiny Tim and
a glass oforange juice.


My friend had the New York Omelette...

and a milkshake.

I was impressed when the server asked, "How would you like your milkshake?" 

I rarely order milkshakes, but apparently they will make them to your specifications... thick, thin...however you like them.  This one came with rainbow sprinkles.

Our impromptu stop at Ferguson's made for a great day on the town.

Now, you might think I fell out of the fifties when I say this... and I can assure you I didn't, but I do  love the lingo, and after eating here, I just have to say that Ferguson's has got to be one of the ginchiest places in town!

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  1. GINCHIEST?? I learned a new word! so it wasnt at the milk bottle where Benny and Joon was filmed?? I always thought it was...but this place definately is cool! that shake looks yummy!

  2. Well, Mary Lou's Milk bottle, another Spokane eatery and landmark is right next door!

  3. The motion picture, Benny and Joon, was actually shot in Ferguson's Diner in 1992. One of Johnny Depp's most memorable scenes was filmed there.