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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maggie's South Hill Grill

The name of this place i fun to say, at least I think it is... Say it, will ya, "Maggie's South Hill Grill."

Maggie's is located at 2808 E. 29th Avenue.  You can view their menu up close and personal at the website.

This is the second tie we have been to Maggie's, the first time we did not stay.  We didn't eat wither.  The place was crowded and we left because we were uncomfortable.  Frankly, this format for serving food to customers is awkward in my opinion  and Geo just happens to agree with me. 

I cannot figure out whay people like to be served this way... and I wonder, "IS there something wrong with your waitress comming to your table and taking your order?  On this particular day that we didn;t stick around to order anything, we came in sat down, looked at the menu and thought about getting up to oder but were thinking that maybe someone would come and take our table while we were up... and then when they got up to order we would probably take their place.  Not only that, but what if you order food and then there is no where left to be seated?  This is how crowded it was.  It was all so awkward and crowded that we just left, but tonight when we peeked in, it was not so crowded and we decided to try it again.  It is obviously a place people like to come to eat.

The customers here were really nice.  We talked to several before even sitting down.  One person enlighted us to the pork tacos, which they had ordered tonight and said were very good.  She told us the Black and Blue Salad was exceptional too. 

Maggies is obviously a South Hill neighborhood thing.  The place is friendly, even if the method is as awkward...but how is the food...  (THAT is really want you are looking for aren't you?)

You will have to check out their menu... which by the way features some "gluten free foods."

I  was considering ordering the Fish Tacos, but ended up ordering the Ruben.  I am thinking I kinda like Spokane selection of Ruben sandwiches.... anyhow, sandwiches and wraps at Magpies come with a side dish, and  I selected the Butternut Squash Soup.

Geo ordered the Thai Chicken Wrap also with a cup of soup ... whatever the other soup of the day was.  I forgot what it was called.

We shared half and half on the entrees.

I loved my Ruben Sandwich!  It was great.  The soup.... hmmm,soup with a baby food consistency is just not my thing.  As for the wrap.... I thought it was odd to have noodles in a spinach tortilla... but the flavor was wonderful.  My wrap, which actually was quote tasty, ended up witting a little long on my plate and getting soggy, so I just ate the inside.... which had some wild purple cabbagey stuff in it.  I liked it.  I think I would prefer however ust to order the Thai Chicken Noodle dish and skip the tortilla..

Interesting photo huh?

We began by eating inside and then moved outdoors.... they have a little veranda of sorts, adjacent to the parking lot.  I imagine this is handy when it gets crowded here, especially in the summertime... but really the sights and sounds are a bit unattractive... that is, if you ask me.  At least half of the tables were occupied out doors.  Here are the ones by the wall. 

My advice, if you order a spinach wrapped Thai noodle sandwich... eat it first, and try to sit indoors.  The traffic and the moving sign noise is unappealing. 

While sitting indoors, near the counter, I had to opportunity to hear a lot of people order desserts and I got to look at the desserts in the cooling case.  There was a lot to pick from, and one item was even gluten free.  I venture to guess that in addition to sandwiches and salads, dessert is another of their specialties.

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