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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kalico Kitchen

Kalico Kitchen is on Division Stree, near where division splits into two directions; one way it's Ruby, the other, it's Division.  Kalico Kitchen is on the one-way heading south, on the west side of the street, and  is a busy breakfast and lunch nook .

It's a handy, tasty, and hometown friendly little place to stop and eat.  The address, in case you want to "Google" it, or put the address in your GPS is, 2931 N Division St. 

They are proud supporters of Gonzaga bulldogs...

and their customers too...
  Here you see the coffee mugs they keep for regular customers.  These are personalized with their names... just in case they come by.
There is a lot of good things on their menu.... just what you would expect for a diner.

It was hard to pick... but I went with the Pancake Special, with coffee.  The Pancake Special comes with two pancakes, 1 egg, and bacon or sausage (and maple syrup!)    I picked bacon.

This is an excellent food place to stop, (IMO,) if you live here in town, or if you are just passing through.  I do... and, I did.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweety Pie

Sweetie Pie is one of a kind.  It's a quaint little bungalow atmosphere in a house located at 1724 W. Carlisle Ave. The house has been transformed into a restaurant that serves home made food and pies.

I visited here with a friend who had been here before and really liked it and she wanted to go again.  We tried to come once before, but it was a Monday, and they are closed on Mondays, (so if you come here to eat, pick another day.) This was our second attempt, and it was Tuesday...  It was a little late in the afternoon, so we thought they might be closed, but they were open, and what a treat!

It's small inside... quite cozy; they can probably serve about a dozen people.. (maybe a little more,) at a time.  The food is all fresh home made, cooked by a mom and daughter team, who opened the little restaurant/pie shop, two years ago, come next month, October.

The menu is simple.... and the decor is eclectic and rather fun.  There's some neat artwork of cars, and cars, classic of course, are one of those things quite popular in Spokane.

Here is the room we ate in:

Next is a beautiful desk in the entrance.

This is where they keep their treasures, mainly tea!  There is a great variety of blends. There are some toys for the tots too.

And another room:

We ordered the Ruben to share... with pasta salad.  They were kind enough to put it on separate plates for us.  I liked the pasta salad and the Ruben was yummy too, not too saucy, which I like.  To me, it was just right.

We also ordered slices of pie.  My friend ordered the Key Lime, which had a coconut crust, and I, the Chocolate.

We didn't get to take a photo of them, because we ate our pie before thinking of photographing it.

When I mentioned to our hostess that I missed this opportunity, she told me sh had run out of whipped cream for the day and tha she had no pie that looked like the one that was served.... but she did have a pretty pie in the oven.  When it was done cooking, she appeared with  a big beautiful Strawberry Rhubarb pie, fresh from the oven for us to photo.

This here is one SWEET pie!.
You can buy pie by the slice or the pie, at Sweetie Pie.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Main Market

On a recent "Pig-Out in the Park" annual city event of food and music, we passed by the Main Market, on Main Street,  Well,, if you are like me and my traveling companions, you cannot simply pass by such a place without stopping, and that is just what we did!

We bought some snacks for our journey while we were there..corn puff things, sesame treats and drinks.  Main Market is a Food Cooperative, and we are not members... yet we did buy stuff.  Just as the sign says, "Anyone can shop!"

We also took a look around....

.It's easy to spot as you drive by.  They have painted the old "Goodyear" garage into a colorful mural  depicting food and farming. I like the mural.  It's attractive, beautiful, really

I think it's so important to support farmers and to remember where food really does come from...

Food doesn't come from a store... it is all much more involved than that.  Food actually comes from hard work...  you know, fighting the weds and bearing with the weather...and of course, animals and from seeds.

Inside Main Market, they have most anything that anyone would need... .baby products, first aid remedies, cleaning products, even pots and pans too, but mostly food, food, and more food... in particular, organic food.  It's the kind of place earth-worshippers would feel quite cozy, but of course, as the sign says, "Anyone can shop."

There is a lovely deli dining room, with a good selection of ready made things to eat.

Here is their nice indoor seating area.  There are picnic tables outside as well.

There is a bakery section,

a cheese section, with all kinds of cheeses... and this dairy section too:

 a coffee section,

a bulk foods section,
a baby section,

an herb section,
a miscelleneous section,

a fresh foods section....
and  even rent-able freezers available for people who do not have a freezer but who perhaps want to purchase a side of beef.

You can see some of the herbs there in the background.
 We do  have many nice markets, bakeries and meat shops to shop, here in Spokane.  You just have to know where they are.... find the one you like and shop there,  Support your local businesses.... and growers.

I have just added Main Market to my list of places to shop.  Our visit here was amazing, and I hope yours is too

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Pho Thikh

I think we have found a new favorite hideaway restaurant in Spokane.  It is Pho Thinh, located  in the Spokane Valley,at 12012 E. Sprague.

This little place serves great Vietnamese food and we loved everything about it.  It has been here for two years under this name, before that the place was called Saigon.  (Saigon is where we thought we were going when we set out to try a new restaurant today... and to our pleasant surprise Pho Tinh was here instead.)

What did I like so much about it?  Well, first of all it is just plain pretty inside.  Not only that, the service was quick, the food was fresh and best of all, it was delicious!  Of course, I love pho to begin with, but we just simply enjoyed everything from our Spring Roll appetizers to our fried banana dessert!

At first, as usual, Geo and I couldn't quite decide what to order... however, we knew we wanted Pho... but he wanted the Beef Noodles and I opted for Chicken.  We would have probably gotten both, but chicken won- only when he saw it was served with a drumstick and shrimp.

I let him picked the next dish though and he picked one recommended on the menu, a curry.

The first thing served was our Thai tea  (really good!)
and our appetizers....

Spring Rolls with peanut sauce...  These were very good.

When the food was served to us, Geo was given the Pho

and I the curry...

and we ate accordingly, sharing, of course, along the way.

We might have fought over the curry a bit, if the chicken pho was not so good!  It was fun to share, actually and so we both got the best of both worlds.

For dessert, we tried the fried banana, something I know I have tried before somewhere, but I do not remember it quite like this.  I think it was in pieces.

When I think of bananas and ice cream, I think of "banana splits"... where the banana is not fried and it is served with ice cream and sauces.  I like that, but if you are going to eat the calories, really.. it should be THIS good!  This was banana, wrapped in a thin covering of some kind that was then deep fried served with ice cream and some kind of delicious fruity nutty sauce.  I am not exactly sure what it is... but it is delicious.  YUM!

And to top it all off, Geo really liked the ice cream dish!

The fish tank was pretty cool too!

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