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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kalico Kitchen

Kalico Kitchen is on Division Stree, near where division splits into two directions; one way it's Ruby, the other, it's Division.  Kalico Kitchen is on the one-way heading south, on the west side of the street, and  is a busy breakfast and lunch nook .

It's a handy, tasty, and hometown friendly little place to stop and eat.  The address, in case you want to "Google" it, or put the address in your GPS is, 2931 N Division St. 

They are proud supporters of Gonzaga bulldogs...

and their customers too...
  Here you see the coffee mugs they keep for regular customers.  These are personalized with their names... just in case they come by.
There is a lot of good things on their menu.... just what you would expect for a diner.

It was hard to pick... but I went with the Pancake Special, with coffee.  The Pancake Special comes with two pancakes, 1 egg, and bacon or sausage (and maple syrup!)    I picked bacon.

This is an excellent food place to stop, (IMO,) if you live here in town, or if you are just passing through.  I do... and, I did.

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