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Friday, September 3, 2010

Pho Thikh

I think we have found a new favorite hideaway restaurant in Spokane.  It is Pho Thinh, located  in the Spokane Valley,at 12012 E. Sprague.

This little place serves great Vietnamese food and we loved everything about it.  It has been here for two years under this name, before that the place was called Saigon.  (Saigon is where we thought we were going when we set out to try a new restaurant today... and to our pleasant surprise Pho Tinh was here instead.)

What did I like so much about it?  Well, first of all it is just plain pretty inside.  Not only that, the service was quick, the food was fresh and best of all, it was delicious!  Of course, I love pho to begin with, but we just simply enjoyed everything from our Spring Roll appetizers to our fried banana dessert!

At first, as usual, Geo and I couldn't quite decide what to order... however, we knew we wanted Pho... but he wanted the Beef Noodles and I opted for Chicken.  We would have probably gotten both, but chicken won- only when he saw it was served with a drumstick and shrimp.

I let him picked the next dish though and he picked one recommended on the menu, a curry.

The first thing served was our Thai tea  (really good!)
and our appetizers....

Spring Rolls with peanut sauce...  These were very good.

When the food was served to us, Geo was given the Pho

and I the curry...

and we ate accordingly, sharing, of course, along the way.

We might have fought over the curry a bit, if the chicken pho was not so good!  It was fun to share, actually and so we both got the best of both worlds.

For dessert, we tried the fried banana, something I know I have tried before somewhere, but I do not remember it quite like this.  I think it was in pieces.

When I think of bananas and ice cream, I think of "banana splits"... where the banana is not fried and it is served with ice cream and sauces.  I like that, but if you are going to eat the calories, really.. it should be THIS good!  This was banana, wrapped in a thin covering of some kind that was then deep fried served with ice cream and some kind of delicious fruity nutty sauce.  I am not exactly sure what it is... but it is delicious.  YUM!

And to top it all off, Geo really liked the ice cream dish!

The fish tank was pretty cool too!

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  1. This is a great restaurant and really a great grouping of businesses. I have loved every dish I've tried there and the music store next door is awesome as is the computer repair business upstairs from Apela. Great food, great music, great service.

  2. I could not agree more! Great restaurant.

  3. Best restaurant Vietnamese restaurant!!!