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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweety Pie

Sweetie Pie is one of a kind.  It's a quaint little bungalow atmosphere in a house located at 1724 W. Carlisle Ave. The house has been transformed into a restaurant that serves home made food and pies.

I visited here with a friend who had been here before and really liked it and she wanted to go again.  We tried to come once before, but it was a Monday, and they are closed on Mondays, (so if you come here to eat, pick another day.) This was our second attempt, and it was Tuesday...  It was a little late in the afternoon, so we thought they might be closed, but they were open, and what a treat!

It's small inside... quite cozy; they can probably serve about a dozen people.. (maybe a little more,) at a time.  The food is all fresh home made, cooked by a mom and daughter team, who opened the little restaurant/pie shop, two years ago, come next month, October.

The menu is simple.... and the decor is eclectic and rather fun.  There's some neat artwork of cars, and cars, classic of course, are one of those things quite popular in Spokane.

Here is the room we ate in:

Next is a beautiful desk in the entrance.

This is where they keep their treasures, mainly tea!  There is a great variety of blends. There are some toys for the tots too.

And another room:

We ordered the Ruben to share... with pasta salad.  They were kind enough to put it on separate plates for us.  I liked the pasta salad and the Ruben was yummy too, not too saucy, which I like.  To me, it was just right.

We also ordered slices of pie.  My friend ordered the Key Lime, which had a coconut crust, and I, the Chocolate.

We didn't get to take a photo of them, because we ate our pie before thinking of photographing it.

When I mentioned to our hostess that I missed this opportunity, she told me sh had run out of whipped cream for the day and tha she had no pie that looked like the one that was served.... but she did have a pretty pie in the oven.  When it was done cooking, she appeared with  a big beautiful Strawberry Rhubarb pie, fresh from the oven for us to photo.

This here is one SWEET pie!.
You can buy pie by the slice or the pie, at Sweetie Pie.
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