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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ha Ha's Grill House

Well, Just when you think you have tried them all, one more comes along.... Tonight it was Ha Ha's in Hillyard. 

We had driven past before, to which I made a mental note, but like some nnotes in the mind, it got piled up and tucked away into an obscure spot... that is, until we drove past again another night recently.  I figuratively dug out the old note, wondering why we had not been here yet, and I secured the idea in a place it would not be forgotten.  Sure enough the opportunity came up and we were off... to Ha' Ha's Grill, a Korean Grill at that!

Ha Ha's is a little spot off of Market Street at 2710 E. Garland.   It is run by the Ha family...  a mother and son team, hence the name.  Beside's the food, they tell me, is al organic, fresh and will make one happy!

I loved the atmosphere and enjoyed listening to the jazz that played while we ate, as well as looking at the album covers that decorate the walls.  It was just fun.  Besides that, it's a very friendly kind of place.  we were greeted and made to feel right at home... and our attendant was very happy to help us with any questions we had about Korean food.  Though we already knew we liked Korean foods, I thought this was great.

 Our dinner began with a serving of goya, (there were four) complete with dipping sauce.  There were some of the best I ever had.  We were not expecting them, even though they were a part of the dinner, so they were a special treat.  Next came  more Korean type of appetizers....

 We were served seaweed salad, and eggplant dish and some kin chee.

 Then came our Tofu Soup and Dwagi Bulgoki... served moderately spicy... with hot Serrano peppers.

We liked our dining experience.  The restaurant is clean, the people are friendly and honorable and the food is great.  One customer who was in the restaurant that evening discussed with the waitress how some of the flavors were unique.  I would agree, for example, the Serrano peppers were unique to us.  However, we liked it and ate it all.  This man did too, and said he would be back.

On the menu is a nice selection of Korean foods and American sandwiches, so it is good for both lunch and dinner.  One friend of mine commented that it is a "fusion" kind of place.   This must mean that it is the best of both worlds.

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