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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Onion

On a recent visit to downtown Spokane with a friend, lunch was in order.  It was a Monday, and our first destination was  closed, we took a little walk and after much deliberation, we decided on the Onion.

This is an original Spokane Restaurant, and it has quite a history.  The building itself, built in 1907, was originally a hotel, the St. Regis.   It became the Onion, in 1978.  It is filled with nostalgic things, like this 1937 Harley Davidson motorcycle, which, when it was new, cost $395.0o!  Times have changed, but the Onion is still one of Spokane's favorite places to eat.  We have two locations in town.  This one is at 302 W Riverside Ave.

 On to the food.....
Being as it was a chilly day, we ordered cider.  I ordered apple and she ordered huckleberry.  This was a nice treat on a chilly day!

Being as I was at the Onion, I figured the French Onion Soup was in order.  I ordered the soup with a wheat roll, and a side salad with Blue Cheese dressing.. 

The soup was very cheesy.

My friend ordered  a Roast Beef Sandwich... with cole slaw and fries.  The fries were skimpy on the plate, but you could order more for free.

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