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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Didier's Yogurt and More

Didier's has great frozen yogurt... and "more."  The "MORE" part is soups, chili, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, shakes, yogurt desserts from the freezer, espresso and things like that.  There IS a lot MORE than soft frozen yogurt!  This place won 2nd Place in the KREM 2010 Best of Spokane for Ice Cream Shops.  It is the place we like to go to get an espresso shake, I have to say too that we think it is the best espresso shake in town.  We stop here occasionally for one (or two)  of those.  In my opinion, in the world of ice cream shops, this one definitely wins the prize for "MORE."

I went here the other day with a hungry friend and decided to add the experience to my blog.  It's a great little place that has been in town for years... I just do not go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt too regularly, but when I do, his is one of the places I go.  Lately we come here to get a espresso shakes!  On this day,  my friend had a turkey sandwich and soup, while I enjoyed a "child"-sized Cafe-a-Lait flavored yogurt in a cup.

The service was much faster than I expected.  We barely sat down and our coffee was being served. The turkey sandwich was good sized, fresh, and convenient, but a little spendy. My friend said her sandwich and her soup, (not very well seen in this picture ) were both delicious. 

The child size yogurt was quite small and costing over $2.00,  ($2.29 to be exact,) I didn't think it to be much of a good deal.  It was quite ou can see above.   It was however fewer calories that a large one and it tasted good, and I was able to spend time with my friend, so I was okay with that.

The frozen yogurt is not bargain priced enough to make it a family habit, but it's not bad for a special occasion treat.  But the bargain day for yogurt is on Tuesdays when you can get a medium dish of the frozen yogurt for $1.79.. (less than a  minuscule "child's size,") so THAT is a good deal.  You can also get your yogurt in cones.

It you have never had frozen yogurt before, be warned... it tastes just as yummy as ice cream, with all the healthy benefits of yogurt!

When you go to get yogurt you will find that they have a variety of flavors; flavors that change daily, so its a bit of a bummer that you never really know for sure if your favorite flavor will be there.  However, you can call ahead to find out more at (509) 466-8434 and rest assured, they do have at least 6 varieties at a time and offer wonderful and even exotic flavors like French vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, cookies and cream, peaches and cream, coconut, pistachio Kahlua and pumpkin pie.

In addition to your yogurt, and for an additional price (.69) you get to select an item from a wide selection of toppings to add to the top of your yogurty treat; things like gummy bears, chocolate chips, animal cookies, berries and nuts, even some all time favorite candy bar bits.

Located at 10410 North Division Street, Didier's is a great little spot to take your family out for a special treat. 

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