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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Skyway Cafe

Today's trek was to breakfast at the Skyway Cafe at Felt's Field, 6105 E. Rutter Ave
What a special treat that was!

Felts is an airport in Spokane, one of the first airports ever to have been in existence.  It was built in 1927 and for the next twenty or so years, it served as the municipal airport in Spokane.  The restaurant has been there a  long time too... almost as long.  So more than a restaurant trip, this was a little step back into Spokane history too.

This working and multi-sided  clock was quite a sight to see.  I really liked it, as well as
  the welcome sign saluting those who served our country in the military that would fly in to Felts.


There were airplanes on the windows too.

This sign welcomed us to the restaurant today, as did our waitress. 

The place was very busy.  Seems a lot of people know this was a great place to have a bite to eat.  A lot of people love airplanes as well as breakfast on a Saturday Morning in Spokane.

(click on the photos to get a closer look.)

We enjoyed looking at all the pilot and airplane paraphernalia.  Not only was it interesting but it was everywhere.

The "Red Baron," the well known cartoon known as Snoopy, was there too.

 We enjoyed our breakfast too.  We ordered  pancakes, (buckwheat in this case, but they serve the traditional buttermilk too,) egg (over easy) and bacon.... with coffee, and biscuits and gravy, (a half-order) with an egg on the side.  When you order food here, some people opt for half orders instead of full orders.... just so you know.

Not only was the food great, but the service was excellent, and the historical aspect of it all was fascinating.  Below is the bathroom sink.

This airplane flying above the EAA building in the parking lot is actually a wind indicator.

The sign reads:

No drunks.... ladies must wear bloomers."

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