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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red Lobster- Spokane

Well, there I was expecting to go and work-out at the gym for Valentine's Day, when dear hubby says, "Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?   Red Lobster has a dinner special for two; do you want to go to dinner or go to work-out at the gym?"   

Gee, what would you pick? It was a difficult decision... I had to think about it a bit; but after some deliberation, taking into consideration how hungry we were and how many calories we were hoping to burn, or not, we decided on dinner.

Off we went to 4703 N Division Street, but only to find out that there was an hour long wait for a table for two.  This was disappointing since Geo had called the restaurant earlier and was told to "just come on in."  (Apparently they don't make reservations for two.)  Needless to say, we then went to the gym with a rain-check agreement between us to go to dinner at Red Lobster another evening.  The dinner special that we were interested in continued for several days longer. so that was good.

So when the opportunity arose, (interpreted...this means that we had a late night at the gym and we were hungry... not to mention, our appetite for seafood had been whet the other day, ) we headed for The Red Lobster again.  With Red Lobster in our sites, we took the opportunity to invite another couple to come with us, and off we went. 

This north side Red Lobster opened in Sept. 2009, but this is the first time Geo and I have been there.  We have noticed driving by, how busy their parking lot usually is, as well as the occasional crowds of people waiting outside the restaurant doors.  This place has been busy ever since they opened up their galley in Spokane. 

They have lobsters, though we did not order any.  The lobsters swim in a large tank of water in the lobby, their claws tied up as they meander around waiting to be ordered up for someone's dinner. 

The Valentine's Dinner Special was to choose any two entrees from this list per couple.  They offered things like Wood Grilled Shrimp with Parmesan.... Garlic Alfredo Shrimp and Scallop Pasta, Wood Grilled Salmon, Wood Grilled Taliapia, or Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp. When ordering this diner special, a couple could choose an appetizer or dessert to share.  

The dinners came with salads, choice of potato or rice, along with unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits,all for $29.99.  It seemed like a good deal to us... and it certainly proved to be a good amount of food.  We did not leave hungry, that is for sure.
Because there were four of us and we were ordering two specials, we ordered an appetizer to share between the four of us, an additional appetizer and our friends ordered dessert for us all to share.  (Our kind waiter brought us four spoons.)

Our meal began with their Cheddar Bay biscuits and our appetizers...

...Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms...              

and Calamari...that was served with some great fried veggies..

The biscuits were quite salty, (or maybe it was cheesy?)...and they were light and fluffy too, all that a seafaring fisherman would love.  We loved 'em.

We ordered a variety of dishes between the four of us.... Talipia, Cajun chicken, shrimp and Shrimp and Scallop Pasta... the appetizer, as I mentioned was calamari and stuffed mushrooms and for desert... the Chocolate Wave.
I was so interested in eating, since our food took so long to arrive.... and a bit distracted over some problems we had with our salads, that I forgot to take photos of our main course meals until we were almost done... and then it was too late to show how things were presented.  It was very nice.... except a couple of our salads.  These left something to be desired.  Geo's salad...was served like this.

He didn't like it too much.  Besides huge leaves and very little croutons, it hardly had dressing on it.  While we were amazed at this presentation, another salad was sent back because it was served with some tiny bits of paper in it.  Upon us bringing this to the attention of our server, the salad was immediately replaced with a fresh and much better looking salad, but since that salad got all the attention, we didn't care to make a big fuss over this.

This is the Garden Salad...
....with Blue Cheese salad dressing.  It was a good salad.

What better way to end dinner, than to share the Chocolate Wave:..

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