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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rockwood Bakery

 Near Manito Park on Spokane's south hill, 
off of Grand, 
on 18th Ave.... 

you will find this tucked away little bakery...

But besides being a bakery, it's a welcoming little neighborhood cafe, serving salads, soups and quiches, as well as a numerous amount of delicious pastries, turnovers, chocolate croissants, and scones.... not to mention, espresso, coffee and tea!  

We went for tea!


....but we ended up with more than tea,; we also had a mint chocolate chip cookie.and and a slice of quiche.

I enjoyed the delicious quiche pictured here, while my friend ate her green colored cookie with delight.

The quiche was "beautimous." (That is my new word, meaning, "beautifully delicious!")

 The Rockwood Bakery is housed in a one hundred year old building that served as the local grocery store for many years.  It is a pretty large facility with several rooms of seating and an outdoor patio for warmer-weather friends.  One could simply jaunt over from the park on a sunny day, have a bite to eat and be on their way. Of course you could always stop here first and take a treat with you on a picnic at the park!

Inside or out, there is a friendly neighborhood atmosphere where friends can gather, or one can  buy a daily newspaper and  sip a coffee by themselves.  I loved the high ceilings, eclectic decor and just imagining that people have come in and out of these doors and traveled up and down the sidewalk before this little place for years and years! 

 I thought found the selction of toys for visiting kids to be hilarious! 

Here is one of my favorites:

I think he is a politician....

 And the magnetic words seemed to be a fun thing that people liked to play with while visiting here too.

IT was fun to visit and quite a treat, but sooner or later, it is time to go....

and good friends have to
part ways for a little while,

 .... but only until we meet again.

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