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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Celebrations is a cookie and cupcake shop.  I have heard so much about their cupcakes that when the opportunity to go and see what it was like arose last month, I just had to give it a try 

Blast!  The picture is dark!  (Sorry.)
  It was a cloudy day.  But you can see their sign!
Celebrations is located on Garland Street,somewhere between Post and Howard..  The address is 713 West Garland Avenue and they have their own parking lot, so parking is not an issue.  It was not quite what I expected inside.  I kinda anticipated more sit down space.

The did have cupcakes.

I ordered six.   I do not remember the exact flavors of the ones I ordered, except for the ones in the middle which are S'Mores.  

Mine came with me to a friends house. 
Lynnie and I shared a couple.  Our first choice was the one that looked like chocolate.

We liked them, but from my personal perspective, I have to say that I am not too sure what all the fluff is about "cupcakes."  I gather, it's because people love the frosting.  There was lots of frosting! 

Personally, I am not into the frosting.  I like my cupcake light on the frosting, but I know when I am cutting cake people often ask for the corner, or the one with "lots" of frosting on it.  The one thing that cupcakes do have going for them in my book, is that they are definitely celebratory and very pretty.   They certain make celebrating things, like friendship fun!  Most of all they are simply fun to eat, especially with friends.

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