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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Texas Roadhouse - Coeur D Alene, ID


If you are looking for a fun and busy atmosphere, goood food with fast and friendly service to boot, this may well be it!  You will find ten gallon hats, dancing in the isles and peanuts galore! It's called the Texas Roadhouse, and the best part is that you do not have to go to Texas to eat here.  There is one in nearby Coeur D' Alene!  We went here with some friends and had a great time.

The jukebox was the first thing to catc my eye...  That and the peanuts!  They were everywhere....

..... as were the birthday celebrations. 

The Texas Roadhouse is a lively place with a Southwestern flare, and if it's your "special day," they sit you in the saddle with a ten gallon hat and sing you a little tune! 

In addition, occasionally, the servers break out in song and line dance in the aisles....

And then there's the food....



Shish Ka Bob

B-B-Q Ribs

 .... and more..... all from their little kitchen.

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  1. I love going here. My family goes quite a bit and it's always just as nice.