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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Jack Buffet

 Black Jack Buffet is no longer open for business.

I noticed the other day that the place which used to be Granny's Buffet, which then became Old Country Buffet, and then sat vacant for along time, had some kind of newly opened business operating in it.  It seemed a little obscure, as to what the business was because the sign only had the word, "BUFFET."  There were some depictions of some cards, next to the word, "BUFFET," but no words.  For all I knew, this could have been a casino with a "buffet."  I peeked into the window and saw that it was a rather attractive Asian restaurant.

This warranted a second visit. with Geo in tow.  It was then that I understood the name of the place, Black Jack Buffet.

This is the fountain near the entrance which I viewed through the window that first day.
Very nice!

As advertised, they offer all sorts of foods and food dishes to choose from.

They have a lovely sushi bar....

...with all kinds of interesting choices.  The tuna was great, as was this cucumber delight.

No photos, but there is also a small grill where you can have them cook things you select.   There are also a lot of desserts to choose from.  We selected ice cream.   
 The decor was elegant... very pretty.

It  makes one feel like they are in a fancy Chinese restaurant. 
We still have our favorite Chinese food spots in Spokane, but we just added one more to our list.
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  1. Nice review. Look interesting. Is it better than than Best of China buffet? We don't care for that one.
    Nice blog BTW. I check on you often.

  2. Hi! Well, as you can see, I have not visited Top O China, at least not lately. Maybe I will sometime. so, while I cannot compare the flavors and atmosphere and cost, I would say this one is similar with many of the same kinds of food items offered.... everything from apple pie and pizza to General Tao's and steamed crablegs. This one is newer of course and a little bigger perhaps, with the Mongolian Grill area and separate Sushi Bar. Geo described his food as "Amazing," especially the oyster with the cheese sauce. So, if you like buffets, I say, try this one. Tell me what YOU think, how do you think this one compares? I would love to hear.

    Funny thing.... when we left some folks were driving by shouting at us "Don;t eat there!" Someone didn't like it. I think too that sometimes people just do not like the competition. All I can tell you is that for us, it was an enjoyable Sunday luncheon in a pleasant atmosphere. We liked it.

    PS I live on the North side too.