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Thursday, June 23, 2011

South Perry Pizza

South Perry Pizza is located on the South Hill, at the corner of 10th Avenue and.... Perry.  It is part of a little section of Spokane known as the South Perry District..  It's an attractive little spot with indoor and outdoor seating in a community/neighborhood environment, and the food is good too.

The open air building, an old garage, has been neatly transformed into a great little eating establishment, and is just right for eating pizza on a summer evening with friends, especially as the live music is playing on a breeze.  Tonight, the place was packed.  It sure felt as though summer had finally arrived.

While we ate and visited, we had the  opportunity to enjoy the musical talents of Matt Mitchell, as he  played guitar, keyboards, and a bit of harmonica too.

For me personally, it felt like old times when my family would go to the local pizza parlor and listen to my brother-in-law, John play his guitar and sing.   In my reminiscing, I even thought I heard him singing for just a little while.  These two have a sound in common.  I liked it.

Matt, thanks for the tunes!

Between us we enjoyed a Caesar and shared a Bleu. The Caesar was great and the Blue was fantastic... but I think I liked the Blue the best.  The mixture of flavors was just right.

We loved the anti-pasta too, and started eating it before remembering to take these pics.  The Antipasto had olives, red peppers, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, sopressata, salami, pepperoni and artichokes.   It really hit the spot.

So, the music was great, the company was fantastic  and the dinner was uniquely superb.  I mean, there are just not too many places I have been that serve "Peach" Pizza.  Okay, well, I have never heard of or even thought of "Peach Pizza" before.  Have you?

Well, they have Peach Pizza here, and for me it was just plain difficult to resist something as unique and interesting as that.  We tried that and the house pizza.... along with that antipasto and salads.

The pizza is thin crust and I have to note that the prices were a little spendy.  If you have a plan to feed a lot of hungry kids you might want to plan ahead.

For pizza, as I mentioned, we had the House Special which consisted of tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, and caramelized onions on a thin crust.

The  Peach Pizza, consisted of peaches, prosciutto, basil, olive oil and mozzarella.

It was very pleasant. There was a hint of sweet with the savory, kinda like a pizza with pinapple on it, but it was not as sweet.  It was a nice surprise.  My boy, who ate our leftovers when we got home almost reluctantly tried it, but the thought of peaches on a pizza really sorta perked his interest too, and as it turned out, he loved it.

A lot of people must like it.    Did I mention that this place was busy for a Wednesday evening?

There was something special about it.

Maybe it was the live music in the casual open-air that made it special?

Perhaps it was the fire baked pizza?  Maybe the smells of spices and herbs wafting into the street?

Maybe it was the feel of summer in the evening air, being that it was the first warm summery day in a long time here in Spokane?  Or maybe it was just that feel of community? (You know, walking down the street, seeing familiar faces, stopping by the local pizza joint on the corner of Perry and Tenth?)

It may have been the appeal of having a local artist's ("Jill Skeie") artwork (and poetry)  showcased on the walls.  Jill does all sorts of artistry.... here she is with her handmade fashions and woven rugs. 

 and here is her watercolors.....

and poems.
 I venture to say that the experience at South Perry Pizza, is a little like a good pizza itself, a "combination" of several delicious ingredients.  It was a good combination.... good food, good friends and a friendly community atmosphere on a Spokane summer evening, that made this place, South Perry Pizza, a delicious, busy, and fun, little place to take in some local music and art and maybe even share a pizza dinner between good friends.

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  1. We loved your assessment and could not possibly agree with you more than we do. Great description of our own experience and feelings.

    H & J