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Monday, July 25, 2011

Avacado Buffet

This restaurant has closed or changed names.

There is yet another new restaurant in Spokane, as of May 2011 anyhow.  It's called, the Avocado Buffet.  Geo noticed it while driving by and he took note of this sign:

It reads, "Chinese, Japanese, Korean Cuisine."

Needless to say, a few days later we had to give this place a try. 

It is kinda tucked away in this shopping center, 328 North Sullivan Road.

Inside, it is very attractive; I liked it.  I especially liked the higher tables. 

We were there after eight, but they stay open till nine, and I must say, they did a good job of making sure the food was available till closing time.  There were food items that I liked better than others, but over all I thought it was great restaurant... if you like Asian buffet.

Selections I remember were:
sushi, shrimp in butter sauce, barbecue spare ribs, egg roll, curry chicken, sweet and sour chicken or poured on them,) chow mein, pork bulgoki, teriyaki chicken, and there was more;  I just do not remember all the items I saw.  They also had a salad bar and desserts.

I am not sure if the menu changes throughout the week or not, but there were some nice options.

If you eat here, I recommend that you skip the American style plates and go for the Japanese styled ones.  They are great!

Pictured here is:  (clock-wise) 
Hot and Sour Soup,
Cucumber Kimchee
Garlic Green Beans (my favorite)
Curry Chicken, (Yum!)
Deep Fried Chicken pieces, for dipping in
         Sweet and Sour Sauce
 and an array of various melons
                           ...from the salad bar.
As I mentioned, I especially liked the special Japanese style plates with sections to put your food in.  They are a very nice way to serve and eat your food. 

Geo had the spicy seafood soup.  He began with just a taste and had "seconds."  Here is the "firsts."  It was definitely spicy and definitely seafoody.  It even has little squiddies in it.

Not for the novice spicy food eater..... if you know what I mean.  For the adventurous novice, the Hot and Sour soup was great.

They had great iced tea too... several flavor choices.... not Coca Cola flavored tea though.

Green beans and kimchee cukes, please.  Yum!

While we still have our favorite buffet (and Asian) places to eat in town, we are glad there is a wide variety of buffet style restaurants in Spokane, and we welcome another one.   No doubt, our favorite buffets are ones with an Asian flair!

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  1. I love your blog! It's one of the resources my wife and I like to check in on before venturing out to places. Awesome job! :) BTW, there is a Kryzygstani/Uzbeki restaurant out here in Spokane. It's on Sprague and is called Asian Cafe & Bakery. You may want to check it out once if you haven't already! Have a fun Wednesday then!

  2. Nice. Might have to go and check that out.
    I will keep you posted.

  3. Thank you for the great review. It seems honest and just very...factual! :)