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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mekenzie River Pizza Company

The Mackenzie River Pizza Company opened a few months ago in Spokane on the Northside with plans to open a South Hill store.

I have to say that when they opened, I had never heard of it before, though they have restaurants in several cities.  It seemed to me, especially as far as the building went, one day there was a vacant lot and the next, a restaurant that was open for business that I never heard of.  The people who told me of it had already eaten there too.

Of course this could be because I do not drive that road too often, but it was a great sight to see another restaurant open in Spokane.  The Mackenzie River Pizza Company is located at, 9225 Nevada Street, near the WINCO Store.

People told me that the restaurant was Montana based.  I guess that since mountain is "big sky" country they have big forks at this restaurant.  Seriously, they had the biggest forks I had ever used in my life!

Now, I know you are wondering... did I really use a fork to eat my pizza?  I mean, you know, some people do and some people don't.  You may never know for sure if I do or do not because ,I have to confess,  I went to the Mackenzie Pizza Company and ordered something besides pizza.

I ordered a salad.  Not only that, but it was not a House or an Italian salad....(from one who expects Pizza to be "Italian."  It was a Thai Chicken salad.n ( I couldn't resist!  It was a little strange, in my opinion, to have sprouts on it, but there they were.  I like sprouts and it was good, a spicy little salad... in fact.

My companions had a variety of things, but no pizza.  Go figure.  Salads and Sandwiches all around..... and may I say, the sandwiches were, like the fork, pretty much Montana size too.  It was made on what looked like pizza bread.  I believe it was sourdough.  The fries were waffle fries, and "big" too.

This was the tortilla soup... that came with bread and a salad....

This was the Cesar Chicken salad.

As for pizza...
I think I actually had the equivalent of Thai Pie Pizza from their menu, minus the carbs... plus the sprouts.  I actually would have ordered a pizza but the "small" was a ten inch and that was the smallest size that they had.  I didn;t want a ten inch pizza by myself for lunch and everyone I was with had already placed their order.  I was a little disappointed that I could not half my order on such a large salad... and salad price. 

My salad was great.. so if it anyting like the pizza, and I assume it is as the same ingredients are involved, minus the sprouts on the pizza I believe,  it is probably just as good.

I see on the menu that you can build your own pizza.... make your own pizza if you like... from an incredible variety of ingredients:
Feta, Cheddar, Ricotta, Pepperoni, Bacon, Ground Beef, Italian Sausage, Canadian Ham, Tomato, JalapeƱo, Spinach, Fresh Cilantro, Mushroom, Scallion, Roasted Garlic, Red Onion, Green or Red Pepper, Peanut, Broccoli, Pineapple, Fresh Basil, Black Olive, Mandarin Orange, Sauerkraut, Fajita Chicken, Smoked Pulled Pork, Corned Beef, Veggie Pepperoni, Anchovy, Marinated Steak, Prosciutto, Meatball, Soy Cheese, Artichoke Heart, Avocado, Sun-Dried Tomato, Roasted Zucchini, Kalamata Olive, Toasted Pine Nut...

Corned beef pizza anyone?

I have to say, there is one pizza flavor they do not have that seems to be all the rage with Macroni and cheese lovers.... that is, macaroni and cheese! (I have seen it served with crispy bacon.) It is not my favorite.. but I have this friend that loves it.. loves just the idea of it., in fact.   I even watched him eat it once.

As for Mackenzie Pizza... they do have a great variety of pizza ideas ready for you to order on their menu and you do not have to dream up your own, but, if you want to there is an open invitation to do just that.  They will make it for you.  You can view their most-interesting-pizza-menu, here.

I apologize that the prices are not on the menu.  I would say that they are a little on the "gourmet price" side.   If I am ever here again,  I am "in" for trying the pizza.  I will most likely need someone to help me eat it, because, based on my experience here, my guess, is that the pizzas in Montana are like their forks, huge!

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