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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thai Bamboo (again!)

Thia Bamboo opened a larger restaurant on the north side of Spokane not too long ago and Geo and I finally had a chance to go there, for dessert!  We ate Deep Fried Banana with Banana Ice Cream and Black Rice Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream....  Yum!

Both were absolutely wonderful treats. The Banana Ice Cream was the highlight though as it seemed we have never had banana ice cream before.

I think a part of me has been reluctant to come to this restaurant because it is such a monstrosity from the street.  Seriously, Thia Bamboo on N. Division street used to be just a little quant restaurant... easy to miss if you are driving by too fast.  Apparently when they undertook the endeavor to build anew, they wanted everyone's attention.  Here it is at night:
Those are fake Palm trees, by the way.  At night is is lighted up and in the daytime it kinda looks the same but instead of lights it is painted in bright red and yellow, and green.  It is quite different from all the other buildings in the area.

(They apparently do not want people to miss this place.)

Inside there is a bar area and a restaurant area... and there is outside seating too.  We sat inside.

Now, I have known several people who have come here and the only thing anyone told me was that it was "good food but a little expensive."   No one told me about this:

 THIS... is the beautiful twinkly, colorful ceiling they have in the restaurant.  It is beautiful!
 The colors change and almost swirls, as tiny lights move across the "sky."

I thought it was great.  I loved the atmosphere and the delicious desserts.... and I have to admit, when it comes to Thai food, Thai Bamboo has never let me down.  It iw just that usually, when you eat such good food, you never have room for dessert.  Sometimes you just have to live it up and go out for dessert!

The outside of the building is a little much, if you ask me....  One thing is certain, if you are looking for it, and maybe even if you are not, you wont miss it!  The address is 5406 N Division St, and their website: if you want to see a menu. 

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  1. Ah ha ha made me smile and you write quite well :) No matter how nice the building it you gotta have good food, good value and good service. I think Thai Bamboo does quite well at all of these. The unique and interesting decor is just icing on the cake! And next time in look around at all the nice Asian art pieces, this cake has many layers!