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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maple Street Bistro

I love it when I tell someone I am going someplace I have never been before... when I tell them the name of the place.. and they tell me they love it; such was the case with this little Bistro on Maple Street!  And...for the record, I simply love these little neighborhood get-a-way type of places.  After my visit today, I have to say, the Maple Street Bistro is a great little sandwich and coffee shop!

This shop opened in 2007!

You can eat inside or outside or drive up and order from your car.  Also, Maple Street Bistro makes all their own breads and pastries, (with only one exception,) and they serve locally roasted Anvil coffee. (Anvil coffee is made at 924 S Perry St Spokane.) 

Their fresh baked "home made" goods are made right there, from the basics, using their own family recipes.  They hand toss their own salad, offer a great variety of sandwiches and Paninis, as well as a daily soup served with bread, and they are quick to serve them up to you too.  It's clean and bright and friendly too, a fun place for breakfast, snack, lunch and even dinner.

They are open 6 AM until 6:30 PM Monday through Friday and on Wednesdays, they are open until eight!  Saturday hours are 7 AM till 5 PM, closed Sunday.

A menu for children to choose from

Daily Special

Soup of the Day... Green Pea

Bistro Club Sandwich

Veggie Delight
Salad, bread and seasonal squash casserole- Yum!

My meal was the Veggie Delight.  I loved it!

Here is their drive up coffee menu:

Before leaving I decided to try one of their hot coffee specialty creations.  My choice was an Agave Cinnamon Latte.  I found mine to be a little sweet, so next time, I will go light on the agave, but I love cinnamon and the cinnamon flavor was great.  I have never had that before.  The Coffee Smoothies looked interesting to me too.

 Maple Street Bistro, a little neighborhood bistro on N. Maple Street, is filled with lots of good things to drink and to eat, and I found lots of little special touches too.  One of the special touches was these paper crafted "Strawberry Boxes," filled with chocolate.... of course! 

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful write up about us up here on Maple Street!
    It was great to have you and your friends visit and we are glad you enjoyed it!
    Thanks Again!
    MSB Owners and Staff :)