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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

High Nooner

Like the scene of one of those old westerns re-runs, it was about noon when my partner Joy (not her real name) and I sauntered into the High Nooner on Holland St.  Across the room, at one of the tables we saw a fellow gang of lunchsters,  so we sauntered over to their table, sat down and rustled up some grub.  I ordered the Tuna on Whole Grain

and my friend, ordered the French Dip.

I am not sure what all the other ladies ordered for their lunch that day.

I do know one ordered a veggie and another a tuna, like me.
So, as you can see. the High Nooner is a sandwich shop, and they have many sandwich selections for you to choose from, or you can invent your own sandwich to suit your personal preference. You can view their menu here.

One of the "lunchsters" didn't like her veggie sandwich that she had ordered, and my friend with the French Dip, Joy, only ate half of her sandwich, because she said, it was a "rather boring sandwich." To this she later added, "It was 'OK,' but the meat really overpowered the cheese."  ME?  I liked my tuna salad sandwich, which I ordered smothered with fresh alfalfa sprouts.

After a round of opinions about the food, we critiqued the complimentary cookie we found in our lunchbags, which was a nice surprise, a nice little addition to the lunch too, but this cookie did not quite suit everyone's taste buds either.  The food got mixed reviews amongst my friends..

They did have some interesting menu items and options, for example, I loved the option of sprouts.  One of their sandwiches, called the Sundowner, is made with turkey, cranberry and stuffing.  Sounds interestingly yummy to me!  However, I went with the light mayo tuna....though I must admit, turkey with cranberry is a draw for me.  I might have to try that one next.

I was surprised to learn that there are about five of these High Nooner sandwich shops sprinkled around  Spokane and that they have been voted "Best Sandwich Shop"  in Spokane by KREM channel 2, for 2011.  I was even more surprised to find this one, hidden on Spokane's North end.... on Holland, tucked away in a little strip shopping mall.  I drive by this location often and never paid attention that a little sandwich shop was tucked away in there.  Now we know! 

I am sorry to report that some of those lunchsters I was with didn't care for their sandwiches and probably would not give High Nooner the same rave reviews as KREM 2, but some did like theirs; There were seven of us that day so more than half of us liked their lunch.The rest could take it or leave it... Joy took half of her sandwich home.

I think that one of the key ingredients to enjoying this kind of restaurant is first of all wanting to have a sandwich.  Secondly,  I think the key is knowing what you like to eat on your sandwich and what condiments you would like on it as well.  Also, you must be able to tell the person how you like it... or else you get what they make for someone who has no specific preferences...

I have this problem when ordering food at a Subway sandwich place.  When they ask me what I want on it,  I can never choose, so I just order it with everything on it. As a general rule, when I go to a restaurant, I like to order things I do not make at home, though there are exceptions to that "rule." Sometimes I like to compare how I make food at home to what is being served up at the restaurant.

After lunch, Joy and I saddled up and hit the road again.  We went to Costco.

 Lunch was only a memory as we moseyed down the road apiece and the sun began to set.  In retrospect, I enjoyed my tuna with the sprouts.  It was just what I wanted... Tuna salad with light Mayo, which they used for me at my request.  It was a pretty much a yummy tuna salad sandwich served with alfalfa sprouts on a hearty bread.  I reckon that was just what this pilgrim needed to sustain me until another Tasty Trek would come my way.....

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  1. I haven't had luck with the north side store. It's kinda hit or miss. But the one downtown is awesome. And the Sundowner sandwich you mentioned is seriously my favorite. Yummo.