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Monday, November 21, 2011

Jimmy John's

I have driven past for month's, each time reading the neon sign outside that says, "FREE SMELLS." This alone is rather funny to me.  But, oh my!  I just got back from Jimmy John's and I am still smiling!  The sandwiches are great and all the other signs around the place, hilarious!


But first the food.

Jimmy John's is pretty much a sub and sandwich joint with an extensive repertoire.  They are pretty much ordinary, bread is either white sub or whole grain sliced, and then their is a vast array of condiments whereby your sandwich, sub, or not, is made just the way you like them, and they are good!  What more could you want?  A pickle?  They've got them too.

My boy loves pickles!  Geo too.

We got two!
The boy ordered bacon lettuce and tomato sub with extra bacon.  He really liked it.

Geo and I tried something new to us... the UNWICH!  Yes, we just could not resist.

What is an Unwich?  It's a sandwhich without bread.  Instead of bread your sandwich makings are wrapped with lettuce. 

Here is a Classic Italian.

Here is a Tuna, adorned with sprouts.

These specially wrapped Unwich beauties come with special instructions.  You must slowly and carefully, unroll the paper as you eat.  Eating an Unwich was rather fun (Maybe should be called Funwich?) and eating it made me feel like I was cutting a calorie corner by not having high carb bread.

The music was loud and fun, the signs all over the place were just the right kind of "wacky." We even liked the way that some of their tables were designed.

One of my favorite signs, (on the upper right hand side of this photo,) read, "If walls could talk we wouldn't need all these signs." The sign was shaped like a mouth.  

Maybe it was just my mood- o- de-day, but I thought that even the napkins were funny.

They even have a drive thru.

There is another thing that made me smile about this place, and this had to do with another neon sign on the outside of the storefront that read:

I had to smile, because I think it's true.  There I was eating my food, sorta minding my own business, reading the signs.... taking a bite of my Unwich, unwrapping my Unwich and taking another bite.  Every so often a delivery person would run...literally run...around the corner and out the back door,,,, box of deliverables in hand.  I was impressed.  I also liked the sign they had that said:


(And you can bet it is probably be delivered extremely fast!)

Eating at Jimmy John's wasn't just delicious, it was rather FUN.

In Spokane, they are located at 105 E Mission Ave.... at least that is the one I visited.  I read though that one is located at 601 W Main Ave, too.  Jimmy John's is a franchise, so you can buy a store instead of a sub if you are so inclined to do so.  (I know this only because I read the sign on their wall that said so.... HA! )

Preview the Jimmy John  menu here.

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  1. Thanks for the review!!! I have been wanting to try this place but figured its just another knock off subway. I think I will give it a try now :).

  2. Great! How was your sandwich? (Or was it an Unwhich?)

  3. I haven't gone yet I have been begging the hubby to try it with me I will let you know.

  4. Did you go to the one on Mission off Division? While it looks like fun, I encourage you to try Sub-Division, right around the corner. It's not as cute and fun, perhaps, but it's a little shop probably struggling for biz now that Jimmy John's moved in. See my review on it as "KellyM"... I think they do a great job. The sandwiches are absolutely delicious.

    Enjoying your blog...