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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Buck's Pizza

I was planning for a pizza party gathering over in the valley and needed some gluten-free pizza.  Bucks offered it, so off we went.... to 13221 East 32nd Ave.  Gluten-free pizza is not on their menu, and they do not make it in house, but it's advertised on a reader board on the side of the road.  It's certainly a great option when it comes to people sensitive to wheat, because pizza is such a social food.

Buck's is actually a large pizza chain, popular in the south eastern U.S.  I would have never known unless I checked out their website.  Tucked in a little strip mall in a rather obscure part of town, I was surprised how busy the place was... for the location.  As we were going in to pick up our order, the delivery guy was heading out the door...

... with one of the largest pizza boxes I have ever seen.  It was for a 24"" pizza pie.  That is one big pizza!

It's not a sit down pizza place.... just take out.  I failed to see any dining area.

As for our pizzas', they were pizzas.  nothing out of the ordinary, excepting that one was gluten-free.  Nice!  We pretty much ate it all too.  there were only a couple of pieces left, of which some lucky person can have pizza for breakfast.  Yum!

Pizza is just plain like able and appreciated...

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