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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hogans Cafe Deluxe

Personally, I love to go grocery shopping with friends.  However, one must never go grocery shopping hungry.   If you do not happen to eat before leaving home, one good option is to take the opportunity to grab a bite to eat before heading to the store.  It was on one of these recent shopping events with a friend that we happened upon a "Fifties" kinda eating place, called Hogans Cafe, located at the shopping center at 29th and Regal on Spokane's South Hill.  They are right next door to Trader Joe's.

Stepping into Hogans, located at 2977 E. 29th Ave, is a little bit like stepping into the past.  The cooks with the tattoos kinda gave it away, that the year 2012 is a very different era, but if you dream of experiencing the look and feel of stepping back to the beginnings of burgers, shakes and fries... this place is definitively the place to try!  We both loved it.  My friend looked at her burger and declared, "Now THIS, is a hamburger!"

Indeed it was.  My friend could resist the fries but not the shake, which, by the way, the kindly made a half a shake for the smaller appetite... and this for  half the price.

Instead of fries she opted for the clam chowder.  I ordered a more modern item.... the Veggie Wrap, and, in stead of fries, I ordered the tomato soup.  

After having wondered what this place is like for so long, having driven past so many times, I now know, and I like it.  I loved sitting at the counter watching the cooks make food for people, I loved watching them make humongous Hogan pancakes and fry eggs.  One of these days, I just might have to drive to the South Hill in an older make/ model car, something like a Cherry Red 57 Chevy... hop out in a poodle skirt and order up a giant milkshake and some of them French fries!.

So, while I am probably only dreaming about the Chevy and the poodle skirt, I will no doubt be back to have a shake and fries!

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