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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pita Pit

Pita Pit.. (and I didn't know this before eating here,) is a lot like a Subway sub shop, only instead of small loafs of bread made into sandwiches where you pick all your own fresh ingredients, you get pita flatbread pockets filled with the veggies and meats you choose.. It's also one of those places I have seen around, but never really pita Party, and apparently the place for that is Pita Pit.  We went to the Five Mile location, 6314 N Ash St, but I understand there are about four Pita Pits around Spokane.... and the sign says... "We deliver!'

What do they deliver?

Pita Sandwiches... that look like this:

.... and it is made of ingredients like this:
 I couldn't help but order the falafel for myself.... the others had a variety and there is a variety of choices too.
 Here it is .... ready to roll up
 and eat!

Just add friends... and it's a pita party!

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